After 4 years in Anaheim, California, WonderCon will move to the Los Angeles Convention Center in 2016. The LACC, which is already home to Stan Lee’s Comikaze and E3, can now add WonderCon to its list of nerdly conventions.

San Diego is now having a collective sigh of relief (for now) because Los Angeles has made no secret of trying to entice San Diego Comic Con to come to Los Angeles.  Los Angeles was able to lasso WonderCon because Anaheim has become too small for the yearly convention. This after just four years! And trust me. This is true. I mean just try to find parking at WonderCon! It is a four hour insane journey to find a place to put your car and you just end up parking miles away and Ubering in.  It hurts the heart.

Now with Los Angeles being the home of the movie and television industry, WonderCon is going to really cash in on getting stars to attend the con so, you’d think L.A. is set, right? Well, according to Deadline, L.A. is still gunning for SDCC/Comic Con International to make Los Angeles its flagship city. L.A. may become Con Central but do we really want that? San Diego is bursting at the seams every year but it’s a nice getaway. Who knows, maybe WonderCon moving to Los Angeles will help with spread out attendance so the burden on San Diego isn’t too much to bear? Right? Right. Probably not.

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Audrey Kearns