Image by Empire via Batman-News

Image by Empire via Batman-News

Many lucky news sites were able to visit the Wonder Woman set back in February of 2016. They also recently went to the editing bay and spoke with director Patty Jenkins. And while they were unable to talk of it, they’ve revealed what they learned yesterday! There’s some really exciting stuff here. Collider had a really nice break down of what they learned and JoBlo fleshed out other details so let’s see what they’ve learned!

The story is that it will start in present day. Bruce Wayne has mailed Diana the original picture of herself with her team, that we saw in Batman v Superman, causing her to reminisce of the time. We’ll see Diana growing up in Themiscyra, as young as 8 years old. She learns the creation of the Amazons in an animated sequence. Zeus created the Amazons to fight the God of War, Ares, who has decided to kill all the gods.  However, they were enslaved by mankind. Before Zeus is struck down himself and Ares goes missing, he creates Themiscyra as a sanctuary for the Amazonians. So they hid away on Themiscyra but continually trained for Ares return. Queen Hippolyta initially doesn’t want Diana to train to be a warrior. When she learns her aunt, General Antiope, has been training her in secret, they agree to have her fully trained.

As seen in the trailer, Steve Trevor’s plane crashes as he was trying to escape with secret plans and Diana rescues him. She brings him to her mother and Steve tells them that he’s an American fighter pilot working with British Intelligence. The Germans followed Steve to Themiscyra, also seen in the trailer, and the Amazonians fight them. After the battle, they use the lasso of truth on Steve who reveals that he learned of a powerful weapon being developed. Diana and Steve escape the island but not before Diana takes the God Killer sword created by Zeus. She also takes the shield, bracelets and armor, known to be “gifts from the Gods”. Diana is convinced that Ares is behind World War 1 and is determined to stop him.

Danny Huston‘s General Erich Ludendorff is working with Doctor Maru to create a chemical weapon to destroy the allies. He’s acting out of rank doing this. And while they won’t dive much into Doctor Maru, apparently her driving motivation is that she’s someone who has suffered a lot of pain, and now delights in seeing that kind of pain inflicted on others to prove that they’re not as strong as her. In a scene they were shown, apparently she gives Lundendorff a chemical and he goes berserk, crushing a gun in his hand. While there may be more than meets the eye with him, I believe it’s a bait and switch. Because David Thewlis is playing Sir Patrick Morton, a British Assemblyman advocating for peace. And if the rumors are true, he’s actually playing Ares. We’ll have to wait and see.

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Once Diana’s in London, she’s a fish out of water. Her nativity really shines as she’s a more hopeful and positive person. Steve Trevor gives her his worldview but Diana gives him hopefulness. According to star Gal Gadot, they really balance each other out. He understands the dark side of humanity and she’s an idealist. She also becomes fascinated with the ‘modern’ world (1918). Also according to Gadot, Wonder Woman doesn’t really see a difference between men and women in terms of social mores or abilities. There’s more to the story of course but these main points are covered in the first third of the movie.

They also were able to interview Patty Jenkins in the editing bay before being shown 3-4 scenes. Jenkins describes the film as wanting to be as “classic” as possible. Saying that this film is Superman, Casablanca and Indiana Jones rolled into one. And that Wonder Woman is her “Superman”. Collider made the following note.

While she’s aware of the politics of the moment, she hopes that people will see Wonder Woman as a universal character; while there are comments on sexism, it’s not a “woman” movie. It’s a Wonder Woman movie intended to be on par with any other superhero origin film.

Moving onto the scenes, they were able to see the full scene of the trench battle shown in the trailer. It’s described in the following.

The scene begins with Wonder Woman, Trevor, and their crew going through the trenches, trying to figure out how to get around the fighting. Wonder Woman is confused about why they’re trying to avoid battle, and learns from a scared civilian woman than other civilians have been forced into slavery by the German troops. While Trevor tries to make the case that they need to stay on mission, that’s not good enough for Wonder Woman. She climbs out of the trench and starts charging at the enemy line. The German troops fire on her, but she deflects bullets with her bracelets and then deflects mortars with her shield. Trevor realizes that Wonder Woman is drawing the enemy fire, so he and his fellow soldiers climb out of the trench and follow Wonder Woman into battle.

The scene ends with Wonder Woman, Trevor, and the troops breaching the German line and taking down a bunch of German soldiers. No, it’s not Superman punching Zod through a bunch of buildings. It’s not the Batmobile blowing up city streets. It’s so much better. It’s a character-driven moment where the action on screen follows the best version of the hero. How good was this scene? I’ll put it this way: I saw it with a bunch of fellow superhero movie nerds, and we’re a pretty jaded bunch. We’ve seen all the superhero films, and while we always want them to succeed, we’re also skeptical. After seeing this scene, we were absolutely giddy.

In addition, they were shown three scenes strung together. One is of Diana and Steve Trevor on the boat, Ludendorff and Dr. Maru and finally first arriving in London. You can read their descriptions on Collider’s website.

There is a lot more to read so be sure to check out the coverage! What do you think of all these descriptions? Are you excited for the film? Let us know and be sure to see Wonder Woman on June 2nd!