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When I saw Wonder Woman being promoted in the Batman V Superman movie, I was really excited. Finally, Wonder Woman will be on the big screen! While she was in that terribly disappointing movie for a short amount of time, the audience in the theater I was in cheered when she came on screen in her full garb. I was grinning ear to ear myself, so happy that I get to see her. Gal Gadot wasn’t what I pictured Wonder Woman to be but I could be convinced. And don’t even get me started on how amazing Hans Zimmer made her theme song. After the positive reception she received in BvS, we learned that the DCEU was going to expand and Wonder Woman was going to finally get her own movie. YES.

Personally, I grew up with DC, and with Batman being my favorite superhero of all time. But the Trinity (Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman) were my favorite and what I thought (and still think) were the best superheroes. The Trinity were what I could aspire to be as a person. They were brave, compassionate, put others before themselves, intelligent, strong and so much more.  And, the bonus for me was  Wonder Woman could match and even beat Superman and Batman. How awesome for little me to have such a strong woman to look up to?

As I got older, I came to truly appreciate Wonder Woman. While I watched her as a child, only the “adult me” could understand how little female superheroes got the spotlight. And while I love male superheroes, it was sad to me that a female superhero couldn’t have a film. I knew there was a Wonder Woman TV show from the 70s, but that was one show from the past. I wanted more representation, ANY representation really. And currently, more then ever, we need Wonder Woman. We need her  message of equality. She is an icon of love, acceptance, equality and embracing humanity. When I’m feeling bad about world affairs or my own nations problems, I can look to her and make the choice to love over hate. To be strong when others feel weak. In all honesty, she just makes me feel happy.

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In this male dominated market, we need more female leads. We do. The Captain Marvel movie is a step in the right direction to continue this trend but the superhero world really needs to step up their game for female characters. It’s not to say that little girls can’t aspire to be Superman or Captain America, but it’s also necessary for the superhero world to bring in more female heroes.

The female heroes that we do get are typically made to be a love interest. Is that all they are? No. But they’re turned into a love interest for one of the main male characters like Black Widow for Hulk, Gamora with Star-Lord, Scarlet Witch with Vision, etc. Here, Wonder Woman will find her own love in the world. He will be human and left to be a love interest. Finally. And more then that, they will hopefully be equal partners. If there is a daughter in my future, I’d want her to grow up in a world where she can watch both male and female heroes equally.

I’ve watched the second Wonder Woman trailer close to 100 times already. It looks absolutely stunning and my anticipation for the film cannot be any higher. And the icing on the cake? It’s being directed by a woman. Patty Jenkins, who was supposed to direct the Thor sequel, Thor: The Dark World. I’m almost glad she didn’t get to direct that film because she’s here to direct Wonder Woman instead. Very recently she made comments about how she’s “bummed out” that it’s a “womans’ film”. I don’t agree. It’s amazing that a film about Wonder Woman is being directed by a woman and she should embrace it. This is what women geeks have been waiting for so long! As of now, I just hope the movie kicks as much ass as it looks to do.

What do you think of the Wonder Woman movie? Will you be seeing it when it comes out? Let us know your thoughts and see Wonder Woman in theaters June 2, 2017.

Erin Lynch