~Matt Key


In an article from Hollywood Reporter, apparently Warner Bros. is looking to bring acclaimed Television director, Michelle MacLaren, into the DC fold to direct the much anticipated “Wonder Woman” film, set for a 2017 release and starring Gal Gadot, who is playing the same role in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

Why is this a big deal? Well, for one, it’s a director for a WONDER WOMAN FILM. This is actually happening. Finally. But, even bigger, is the fact that a studio is trusting a gigantic blockbuster superhero film with lots of heat and lots of eyes on it to a woman. This is a giant first and it’s very exciting.

You may not recognize her name, but you’ve definitely seen her work. She’s directed episodes of Game of Thrones, “The Walking Dead,” and “Breaking Bad” as well as serving as an exec on “The X-Files;” so this girl has got it down!


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