Wonder Woman is showing up in the 1980’s in more ways than one. The upcoming sequel, Wonder Woman 1984, is set in… you know it… 1984. But, Friday, the cast and director Patty Jenkins were channeling some 1985 with a cast photo tweeted in tribute to the iconic movie poster from The Breakfast Club. The photo was original posted on Pedro Pascal‘s Instagram but was taken down. However the internet already got their hands on it and it’s spread like wildfire!

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Jenkins stood in for Bender (Judd Nelson) at the top of the pyramid. There is no stretch in perceiving her as the rebel in the group. Kristen Wiig nailed Ally Sheedy’s twisted posture and emo face.  Chris Pine as Brian is slightly more pathetic than Anthony Michael Hall… and that’s an accomplishment. Pedro Pascal is the only one in the photo in costume, but doesn’t have to work very hard at Emilio Esteves. And, Gal Gadot donned the Wonder Woman headband to tie it all together in Molly Ringwald’s spot. 

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We agree with Nerdist, who said in their reporting of the photo, “For all of the time, energy, and money studios put into promoting their movies, this is really all anyone needed to get excited for this film.” And, we know that all of you, like us, are hoping that the cast takes that to heart and gives us a series of 80’s tribute photos to crush on. Duh. 

Wonder Woman 1984 is set to be released on November 1st, 2019.


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