eSports in Thailand are extremely popular, and the country has been able to establish strong male and female eSports communities, making for one very exciting ecosystem. While many other countries struggle to help establish a level playing field for female and male eSports players, Thailand has been able to forge a path to equality for all.

Leveling the playfield has allowed female eSports players to truly shine, with the country’s Dota 2 female team most recently winning the gold medal from the 2022 Global eSports Games competition, establishing the country as the powerhouse for female Dota 2 in the region.

Even the runner-ups from Malaysia admitted that the Thai Dota 2 team was way too skilled for them. But how are female players dominating Thai eSports and which sports particularly? Sites such as already offer coverage of female competitions, but the question is which eSports are Thai women shining in, to begin with?


Valorant has quickly become a popular competitive discipline for female gamers from Thailand, with Sarindhorn Wanothayarnchai, known as JiNny, leading the charge. JiNny has been an exemplary role model, having set a high bar for herself and consistently achieving success in the Valorant scene. Her ongoing accomplishments have made her the premier female player in Thailand. Her example has inspired others to advance into first-person shooter games, which are generally less friendly to female players. None of this has stopped JiNny from trying and succeeding though.

Free Fire

Female gamers in Free Fire are highly regarded in the gaming world. Thai female players have not only been playing this game at the highest level, but they have also been earning some big tournament money due to their expertise and familiarity with the game.

One of the most noteworthy female players from Thailand is Mue_Tob, the alias of Patchariya Boontham. She has dedicated herself to the game and has been achieving success in various tournaments, making her one of the most accomplished players in the scene.

Dota 2

Thailand is renowned for its success in the competitive gaming world of Dota 2. The country’s female eSports team in particular has earned it numerous awards and accolades, showcasing their impressive skill and talent in the field. Thailand is proud to have cultivated some of the most talented eSports players in Dota 2 and continues to thrive in the industry.

While female players in Thailand are still behind their male counterparts on the global scene, they seem to be closing the gap fairly quickly. Presently, Thailand is represented by some of the top-performing Dota 2 female players of all time, including CatChaser, Ningendd, Nana, Sleepless, and Honeylisa.

The players have been cultivating their skills and have been able to defeat female players from all over the world to establish themselves as some of the most formidable players there are in the first place.

Final Thoughts

Female eSports players in Thailand have been making waves, receiving attention in the headlines, and inspiring other female gamers to pursue the competitive video gaming scene. However, for this trend to be maintained, there must be more long-term support in the form of local tournaments that don’t require too much travel. If these tournaments were held in close proximity, or even in Thailand, the female eSports ecosystem in the country could become even more thriving.

Despite any short-term setbacks, the future appears to be encouraging and there’s a good chance that female players from Thailand will continue to play an integral role in the eSports arena. Streamers and influencers are paving the way for the country’s success, and the burgeoning popularity of female eSports in Thailand is being further boosted by its achievements in competitions.

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