Hello, horror lovers! Welcome back to Horror With a Side of Cheese. If you are new to the column, allow me to explain. I am on a mission to find the cheesiest horror movies ever made, and I talk about my latest finds on the first and third Friday of every month. Not only do I talk about the films I discover, but I also rate them on a scale of one to five cheese slices. It works just like the star scale but cheesier. To determine each movie’s rating, I consider the story, dialogue, effects, acting and re-watchability. In today’s edition, I bring you the 2014 gem WolfCop.

About WolfCop

An alcoholic police officer, Lou Garou (Leo Fafard), is used to blacking out and waking up in odd places. However, everything takes a turn for the weird when he begins sprouting fur, fangs and claws. Lou learns that, somehow, he is now a werewolf. There is a larger plan at play, and amidst trying to figure everything out, the fur-covered cop must learn to be a better man and officer.

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WolfCop also stars Amy Matysio, Sarah Lind, Aidan Divine, Jonathan Cherry and Corinne Conley. Lowell Dean wrote and directed the film. The runtime is one hour and 19 minutes.


This film has a Tomatometer rating of 65 percent and an Audience rating of 46 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Fun Fact: Somehow, this film garnered a sequel titled Another WolfCop.

My Thoughts

I cannot talk about this film without mentioning the main character’s name is Lou Garou. For those not as obsessed with werewolf mythology as I am, his name is a play on Loup-Garou which essentially means “werewolf.” The term derives from the French language. With that said, I read a review that said WolfCop is “amazingly awful in all the right ways,” and I have never agreed with anything more.

A close-up of a pentagram that has been carved into Lou's chest in Wolfcop

The story is decent and is the least cheesy part of the film. It flows well and moves at a good pace. In terms of what makes this movie incredibly cheesy, there is little to say about the plot.

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One of the cheesiest parts of WolfCop is the effects. The transformations, in particular, are insanely wild. For example, there is a scene shortly after Lou starts turning. The scene takes place in a restroom, and let’s just say the part of his anatomy that transforms first, is not generally seen by the public. The effects paired with what is turning wolf are simultaneously gag-worthy and laugh-inducing. Once he fully turns, the overall look isn’t half bad, but getting there is another story.

The dialogue fits the cheesy, comedic theme of the film. An excellent example is when a character named Piggie asks Lou who he is, and his response is, “the fuzz.” The rest of the film is filled with similar exchanges and one-liners, all more ridiculous than the last.

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Leo Fafard makes an excellent grumpy, snarky gruff cop. He almost growls even before he becomes part wolf. Generally speaking, all the characters have that over-the-top, just this side of ridiculous acting that makes a cheesy horror worth watching. Every scream is a little too loud, and every reaction is too exaggerated. However, it does not bridge into the realm of unwatchable.

As for re-watchability, I am excited about another viewing. Now that I have had time to digest this cheesy whirlwind of a movie, I desperately want to watch it again. I feel so many scenes will take a second look to appreciate fully.

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Overall, I am giving WolfCop 4.5 cheese slices. This is one of my highest ratings so far. It will be difficult to beat this movie, but I hope there is a film out there to blow it out of the cheese fountain.

There you have it, horror fiends! Another cheesy horror in the books. Have you seen WolfCop? If so, what are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments! Also, if you know a cheesy horror movie I need to watch, leave a comment and let me know.

Until next time, stay spooky, stay cheesy, and, most importantly, watch more horror movies!

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