We are all still trying to settle into what has become our new norm in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic we have learned that some things are easier than others. One thing that I have noticed is the struggle that groups are having to stay engaged while also committing to social distancing. The fantastic folks over at Wizards of the Coast have stepped forward and have created digital kits that they will be donating to schools and libraries in the US and Canada to help provide a virtual way for these people to engage with their communities.

There are a total of 2,000 digital kits that are available upon request to organizers over the age of 18 who are employed by or official volunteers for enrichment organizations and represent the group’s gaming program. These include schools, libraries, community centers, and scout troops. Each kit includes a Legendary Bundle for D&D Beyond that provides access to all current rules and adventure content for Dungeons and Dragons. It will also include a 15% discount code for future purchases as well. The kits will also include 30 digital codes for three Ikoria booster packs for Magic: The Gathering Arena

Wizards of the Coast has also included trips to help these educators to engage their audiences in a virtual play environment. They understand the importance and making sure you are staying safe at home but also that connecting with the people you care about and enjoying play and imagination is important as well. They are also still offering additional resources on the Stay at Home, Play at Home portal that updates with free content on a daily basis.

To request one of the digital kits you can visit the request portal found on their website here and fill out the form.

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