Thank you, Wizards of the Coast, for a copy of Keys from the Golden Vault in return for an honest review.

Are you ready to pull off some of the greatest heists we have ever seen? Then you must check out Wizards of the Coast’s latest adventure module, Keys from the Golden Vault. While we all love smashing our way through dungeons or using spells to charm royals into handing over their gold, some jobs require a bit more finesse. They need planning, flawless execution and the utmost discretion, which is where the Golden Vault comes into play. This secret organization is hiring cr3ews for such jobs, and they think you might just be the perfect fit.

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We always love a good heist. Who doesn’t want to play out an epic mission of sneaking around, building traps and disquises all in order to steal a well guarded item or crucial information? And just imagine doing all of that at your Dungeons & Dragons table. Keys from the Golden Vault is packed with 13 new stand-alone adventures that span from player level 1 to 11. Each focuses solely on a single heist set up by the Golden Vault.

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Keys from the Golden Vault

What’s really great about Keys from the Golden Vault is that these adventures are able to be dropped into any adventure. Playing through another module and want to spice things up? Take your player’s on a heist. Have a homebrew that needs a little something more? The answer is always to add in a heist. Each adventure has enough information to guide Dungeon Masters and players but never enough to keep them from being flexible.

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Keys from the Golden Vault is all about making sure the DM looks good. With tons of adventure hooks to choose from, it is going to be easy to get your players to follow your lead. And with all of the additional materials provided in the book, it will be nothing but smooth sailing. Unless your players roll terribly – then it will be hilarious rocky seas. But even a bad roll or two (or the whole night if you are anything like us) doesn’t spell total disaster. Each adventure focuses on player choice and gives room for them to really find what works for them.

So, if heists are something that will blow your players’ minds – get Keys from the Golden Vault. This multi-adventure module is a must-have in every DM kit. And the best part is that it’s available today online and in local stores. Will you be heading out on an epic heist? Let us know in the comments below and on social media.

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