A string of shows just had their Winter finales. Now there’s that feeling deep inside that’s screaming, “I don’t want to watch Christmas specials! I want my space shows and vampire shows and zombie shows! What is there to live for anymore?”

I’m here to tell you to calm down. There is geeky television coming our way to keep us cozy over the Winter. Most, not until January so you will have to deal with some Holiday specials – but that can be good, right? One of those specials is Doctor Who!

As a service to you, I’ve compiled a list of all the geeky television shows (and some that aren’t so geeky but just plain good) that’s a-coming our way over the next couple of months.

December 2014

December – Available now – Black Mirror on Netflix
December 7 – The Librarians, Sundays on TNT
December 12 – Marco Polo on Netflix
December 15 – Ascension, Monday at 9p.m.on Syfy
December 25 – Doctor Who Christmas Special – Last Christmas, Christmas Day at 9p.m. on BBC America

January 2015

January 4 – Galavant, Sundays at 8p.m. on ABC
January 6 – Agent Carter, Tuesdays at 9p.m. on ABC
January 8 – Archer, Thursdays at 10p.m. on FX
January 8 – Portlandia, Thursdays on IFC
January 11 – Girls, Sundays on HBO
January 13 – Parks and Recreation, Tuesdays on NBC
January 14 – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on FXX
January 16 – 12 Monkeys, Fridays at 9p.m. on Syfy
January 16 – Helix, Fridays at 10p.m. on Syfy
January 16 – The Fall on Netflix
January 17 – The Musketeers, Saturdays on BBC America
January 22 – Backstrom, Thursdays on FOX
January 28 – The Americans, Wednesdays at 10p.m. on FX

February 2015

February 8- The Walking Dead, Sundays at 9p.m. on AMC
February 8 – Better Call Saul, Sundays at 10p.m on AMC
February 19 – Vikings, Thursdays on History

March 2015

March 1 – Last Man on Earth, Sunday on FOX


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