Winter is here! Well, it’s almost here. Season 7 of Game of Thrones doesn’t premiere until July 16 but HBO just dropped fifteen official photos from the upcoming season so you can begin to feel the chill.

There are a lot of wonderful costume details and also location details. Take a look, get excited and pray to the Lord of Light that July gets here quickly!

1. Missandei, Tryion, Varys, Daenerys and Grey Worm – Have they just landed at Dragonstone? How did the Dothraki fare on the poison water?



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2. Close up of Tyrion just thinking about his choices in life like why did he take a job as Hand again?



3. Missandei with an awesome Ouroboros-esque three-dragoned broach. 



4. Our favorite spider, Varys running some calculations in his head. 



5. Daenerys. Check out those awesome dragons on her costume. 



6. Arya



7. Jon Snow, King of the North. Check out the small details on his armor.



8. The Hound on a horse in the snow. THE HOUND! 



9. Sansa and creepy Littlefinger. Are they looking at Jon Snow? Is that an Eyrie symbol on his clothes?



10. Brienne and Tormund. I couldn’t be more excited about this image. Can they please get their own sitcom spinoff?



11. Meera and Bran. Poor Meera, she works so hard. Let’s hope she gets some returns this season. 



12. Sam and Gilly. Gilly is reading!



13. The ever loyal Davos Seaworth no doubt trying to do the right thing. 



14. My spirit animal, Lyanna Mormont with Littlefinger planning something sinister in the background. Is that a baby bear fur around her neck or is that just wishful Mormont thinking on my part?



15. And finally, THIS! Cersei on the Iron Throne with Jaime at her side. It’s what they always wanted. Go Lannisters?


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