The holidays are upon us and the temperatures are dropping so it’s time for a round up of some of my favorite items to make your season nerdtastic! Everything on the list can be found on Etsy so you can stick it to the corporate man and shop small!

Geek Lip Balm by GeekFireLabs

Cold weather means it’s time to break out the lip balm, but why settle for a drugstore brand when you can soften those smackers with a bit of juicy Glorious Purpose?? Choose from a wide variety of geeky favorites like hazelnut Nerfherder or spicy Mother of Dragons. You can choose individual balms or pick your favorites to make a set!


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Harry Potter Tights by TightsShop

Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean you can’t still show off your legs! With these Harry Potter themed tights you can rock a skirt or a dress with nerdy style while keeping warm in that chilly weather.


Elvish Script Knit Scarf by NerdAlertCreations

This scarf will have you feeling as warm as the fires of Mount Doom – just take care not to throw it in. A lovely nod to the One Ring in a stylish grey and gold print.


Fourth Doctor’s Scarf Leg Warmers by whitakerknits

And speaking of scarves, how could we get through this list without mentioning the fourth Doctor?! Check out these leg warmers that have been hand-knitted to look like Tom Baker’s iconic accessory.


Cunning Hat Knit Replica by TiffSitsandKnits

You’ll definitely need a warm hat this winter, but I think we all know it won’t do you any good unless it’s also cunning. Try this handmade, knitted beanie and you might just look so stylish some townsfolk will write a song about you!


Dragon Scale Fingerless Gloves by LovelyRaineCreations

To help keep you warm and still using your touch screen, get a pair of these fingerless gloves decked out with dragon scales! Each set is crocheted with multicolor yarn creating an ombre pattern of scales all over the top of the glove. No two are exactly alike!


11th Doctor Inspired Shrug by PretzlCosplay

If your looking for something other than your big winter coat, go with this Whovian shrug for a chilly evening out! This one comes in a soft, tan fleece with red straps that can be knotted to look a bow tie. It’s sure to keep you feeling warm but looking cool!


Hobbit Inspired Crochet Slipper Socks by BorderlineFarmMI:

While you’re lounging around the Shire this winter, do yourself a favor and throw on these adorable hobbit feet slipper socks! You can choose from a variety of colors or go with the classic Bilbo look, all knitted to halfling perfection.


Supernatural Anti-Possession Throw by MickeyLeaStudios

Snuggling up in front of a fire can be risky when you’re a hunter. Be prepared for whatever demons might be lurking around with an anti-possession throw blanket! Also great for curling up with a good book that may or may not have been written about your life by your best pal God!


Game of Thrones Ugly Christmas Sweater by NerdGirlTees

Of course, no cold weather fashion list would be complete without an ugly sweater. Never fear friends! Winter is coming, but you’ll be ready for it! This one even has a few fun Christmas bits mixed in amongst all the fire and blood. Festive and morbid! Yay!


Now get out there and enjoy the season in nerdy style!