Disney Plus’ Willow may have secured its three leads! According to DeadlineCailee SpaenyErin Kellyman and Ellie Bamber are in negotiations to star in the upcoming series. Warwick Davis, lead of the 1988 film of the same name, is set to reprise the titular role of Willow Ufgood. Additionally, director Ron Howard is returning as executive producer. Howard will helm a few episodes of the series as well as Jon M. ChuJonathan Kasdan penned the pilot and will serve as co-showrunner alongside Wendy Mericle, Chu, Howard and Bob Dolman

Now, the original Willow was written by Dolman from a story by George Lucas. It followed Willow (Davis), a farmer who underwent a perilous journey to protect a special baby from a villainous queen. The film also starred Val Kilmer as Madmartigan and Joanne Whalley as Sorsha. 

Deadline revealed that the Willow reboot will take place “years after the events of the film.” New characters will surface in this magical fairy realm and fans will be reintroduced to the legendary Willow Ufgood. 

While Disney has remained tight-lipped regarding plot details, Deadline has pulled back the curtain on certain tidbits circulating through the entertainment grapevine. 

it revolves around a group on a mission to save a kidnapped prince. The members of the team include Dove (Bamber), whose backstory resembles that of Willow from the movie. Dove is an unassuming kitchen maid who proves that she is the “chosen one” as she embarks on the journey. She is joined by Kit (Spaeny), the princess whose twin brother was abducted. She is destined to be a leader and ultimately the queen. Kellyman plays Jade, a servant who is Kit’s best friend and moral compass. She is on her way to becoming the best young warrior in the kingdom.

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In addition to Bamber, Spaeny and Kellyman’s new characters, a “guy who echoes Val Kilmer’s character in the movie” will join the group. Apparently, he’ll participate in the quest in exchange for getting out of prison. 

Spaeny is most known for her starring role in The Craft: Legacy for Amazon. Kellyman had a memorable role as Enfys Nest in Solo: A Star Wars StoryBamber was recently in High Resolution, which earned the young performer accolades from critics. 

Personally, I hope this reboot doesn’t mirror too much from the original film. Obviously, it should incorporate the elements that made the 1988 flick such a great fantasy installment. But, I’d like to see an expansion on this universe that can add longevity to a potential franchise. 

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