Happy Holidays and a Merry Festivus to us all!  Williams Sonoma has come out with a line of Star Wars kitchen ware that is bringing all of our holiday kitchen dreams to a galaxy far, far away! 

This is not a paid advertisement.  We are not in the pocket of anyone but fandom.  But, oh my Vader!  There is everything in this line from spatulas to roasters to instant pots!  Here are some of our favorites.  

6 QT. Instant Pot 

The instant pots come in assorted designs.  I’m partial to the droids, myself.  It just makes sense that it’s R2 or BB8 doing the hard work for you.  Though there is something satisfying about the idea of Vader’s searing rage being the source of the heat and pressure that gets your chicken tender.  

Millennium Falcon Waffle Iron

Haven’t you always wanted to just eat the Millennium Falcon up, because you love it so much!  Well, you can.  It’s a waffle.  This Millennium Falcon waffle iron is affordable at 49.95, and I don’t know why you wouldn’t be eating waffles every morning for the rest of your life.  Bonus points if you yell, “Punch it” as you press the iron closed!  I know you will.

Storm Trooper Toaster

Do you like your toast a little on the dark side?  You’re in luck!  Get a Storm Trooper to cook it with some good old fashioned evil thinking.  It comes out stamped with the Imperial Seal and ready to fill you up, body and soul.  There’s also a Vader head toaster, if you like to get your evil straight from the top.

5 1/4 QT. Cast Iron Carbonite Signature Roaster

And, then there’s the gift of all gifts.  It’s a cast iron roaster, topped with Han Solo frozen in carbonite.  Do I need to say a single thing about how amazing this is?  It is not cheap at $450.  That’s expensive.  But, how can you resist?  I love you, carbonite roaster!  It knows.

So get your holiday nerd shop on!  They have aprons, special ice cubes, water bottles, cookie cutters, you name it!  Happy Holidays!  May the force be with your pocketbook! Williams-Sonoma.com

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