Rumors are flying in the vacuum of knowledge surrounding the upcoming season of Black Mirror.  Netflix and Black Mirror creators Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones have been painfully tight-lipped about the fifth season, but Miley Cyrus of all people may have let something slip.

According to Deadline, Cyrus’ sister made a claim on her Your Favorite Thing podcast that Cyrus had filmed an episode of the cult classic sci-fi drama.  After that rumor spread, Howard Stern apparently confronted Miley herself on his show.  When he asked if the rumor was true, Cyrus replied, “If you guess it, then I will shake my head ‘yes,’ or ‘no,’”.  Stern then confirmed for listeners that the head shake was affirmative.  That’s as much confirmation as anyone has gotten, since Netflix declined to comment.

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So, we’re going to call that mild confirmation of casting.  The Miley Cyrus news joins another rumor that Black Mirror will start streaming on Netflix before the end of this year.  Netflix had given a vague announcement that the fifth season would premiere in December.  But there was no announcement of a date.  Then, a quickly deleted tweet from an official Netflix sci-fi account reportedly made the claim that a new episode of Black Mirror entitled Bandersnatch would premiere on December 28.  

So, we may be in for a surprise release!  Until then, we continue to wait breathlessly for official news on Black Mirror season 5.  

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