Will Ferrell returned to SNL on Saturday night as host.  It was his third time hosting the show, and his first since 2015.  He was charming and funny and crazy and weird, as always.  There were a few hilarious sketches about politics and the current social climate that you can check out on the SNL Youtube channel.  But, the best sketches of the night were Ferrell in his wheelhouse; being loud, over-the-top and silly. 

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Three sketches stood out in the episode.  The first, entitled Reality Stars is about a couple returning to their Flagstaff friends after being on a Real Housewives-style reality show.  They come back with new faces, their own brand of wine, an adorably lazy dog, and some seriously obnoxious attitude.  Ferrell and Cecily Strong go totally bonkers when their reality cameras roll.  It is so funny.  And, it’s clear that Ferrell is throwing some wrenches in to surprise the cast… and some chicken.  

The second sketch that really made me laugh is called Flight Attendants.  Aidy Bryant and Chris Redd play ‘hip’ flight attendants that bust out a safety rap at the beginning of a flight.  Their colleague, Gareth, (played by Ferrell) just got back from sabbatical where he had some kind of awakening.  That awakening is really getting in the way of the groove, and it is laugh out loud funny!

And, finally the brilliant Kate McKinnon joins Ferrell in a local commercial to promote a pot pie.  They play an old couple who just can’t get the words right.  In fact, they can barely say words at all.  This is just silly and weird and I could watch it forever. 

Ferrell has a number of projects coming soon, including Daddy’s Home 2, Zeroville and Holmes and Watson.




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