Looking for a way to enjoy the spooky season? Love creepy historic towns? How about outstanding ghost stories? Then I have something to share with you! From Baker Street Cinema comes Wicked Ways! The series is co-hosted by ghost hunter LeeAnna Vamp and nerd prince Mark Meer. And you know when those two are involved, it is going to be good!

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Wicked Ways follows Vamp and Meer as they travel deep into the mountains of Northern British Columbia to the town of Barkerville. There they will investigate several hauntings and the stories behind them. The trailer for the series shows a mix of them in the current day and in the past. It gives me the idea that as they are diving into these stories, we will get some pretty authentic reenactments.

This is the perfect little gem to enjoy this spooky season! I’ve always wanted to hear more stories from British Columbia! While I can’t imagine it will be overly scary, I hope for more than a few sets of goosebumps throughout. Wicked Ways also stars Cameron Lee Vamp, Amy Newman, Danatte Boucher and Stewart Cawood.

Wicked Ways worldwide premiere will drop on October 20, 2021, starting at 7:30 pm pst on Baker Street Cinema’s YouTube channel. Check out the trailer below! Will you be popping in to see Meers and Vamp investigate spooky Barkerville? Let us know in the comments below and on social media!

Worldwide Premiere information.

Worldwide Premiere information.

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