A big disclaimer: You should not play casino games with a high house edge otherwise you will end up losing the game. Games with a high house edge always tilt in favour of the casino. That’s why games like keno, Big Six and Bonus Six should be avoided since all these games have extremely high house edge value, particularly keno whose house advantage stands at 30%. That’s where roulette stands out because players do have a chance of beating the house edge. While this is true in most roulette games, there is one roulette game, in particular, that should be avoided at any cost. This game is called the triple zero roulette and it is the worst. You can play this game at any online casino for free or for real money.

Decoding triple zero roulette 

Majority of the roulette players are aware of European and American roulette. The former has 37 pockets while the latter has 38 pockets. This version of roulette has 39 pockets consisting of numbers from 1-36, 0, 00 and 000. This is only what makes triple zero different from the two variants. It has three zeroes. It is something unique and probably, things that you won’t find with Online Roulette real money or other games. 

Mind-Blowing Facts about Triple Roulette

Planet Hollywood and New York have bought the rights to triple roulette and decided to introduce it to their customers. It is said that it was a Venetian who invented this game at a Las Vegas casino and called it sands roulette.

Why should you stay away from it?

The green coloured bets on the roulette wheel have the highest house advantage against the player. Since there are 36 pockets, you get 18 chances of winning the game, especially when you place the bets on black and red. If the ball falls on 0,00,000, you have lost all your bets and need to immediately wind up the game. Even if you have 18 equal chances of losing and winning, there are high chances of the ball landing on the three green pockets. The house edge of triple roulette stands at 7.69% which is ranked worst among all the roulette games. One can say that the sole purpose of adding triple roulette is to offer casinos the opportunity to make tons of money. 

Is there any possible way to stay away from it?

The good news is you will not find many offline and online casinos offering this game. Many professional gamblers already know to avoid triple roulette and play either American or European roulette. Even beginners tend to avoid the game when they see their bankroll getting used up quickly and switch over to a safe version of American or European roulette. The only place where you can find this game is at any charity event or gala function. If you ever stumble upon a triple zero roulette, just look whether it has three green pockets.

Is Triple Roulette Worth Your Time and Effort?

The general rule of thumb is not to play this game at all. It will drain out your bankroll faster than ever before. But there is one tiny advantage of this game. You will receive more comps. In casino parlance, comps mean extra benefits or VIP privileges casinos offer to loyal and exclusive members as rewards. They can be a stay in a luxurious hotel, a cosy trip, relaxing spa treatments, etc. The best part about comps is that they are free of cost. In the triple zero roulette game, when the dealer watches you losing the game, he would provide extra rewards to the point system. However, the benefits should not entice you towards this game. Even when you get these rewards, casinos still have an advantage over you.

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