You should reconsider the way you sit when gaming because proper posture is beneficial. It will allow you to avoid the risk of joint degeneration, and tightness and imbalance in your muscles. Even though the effects of poor gaming posture is not immediately noticeable, in the long run it may cause major complications.

There’s a wide variety of gaming chairs in Canada, and here’s a guide on how you can have proper posture while gaming:

Upper Body

It is important to relieve pressure on the discs in the neck to help keep the muscles in your shoulders and neck relaxed.

  • Head – It’s really helpful if your chair has a headrest so that you can rest your head. Usually gaming chairs have one.
  • Neck – Keep your head back and your chin tucked so your ears are on the same plane line as your shoulders to help avoid postural neck pain and tension-type headaches.
  • Shoulders – Pull your shoulder blades downward and back towards each other and rest your upper back on the back rest of your chair. Limit shrugging and rounding your shoulders because it may lead to upper crossed syndrome or thoracic outlet syndrome.


  • It is best if the back of the seat is angled anywhere from 90-120 degrees. Unlike normal office chairs, gaming chairs can be reclined.
  • If you seat away from the back rest it might cause you to be in a slouched position. To avoid this try to keep your lower back pressed against the chair.
  • It is important to sit upright or with a slightly reclined back rest because it takes the pressure off the discs in your back and will help reduce the risk for postural back pain and sacroiliac joint dysfunction.


  • Your elbows should be bent at 90 degrees. You can achieve this by adjusting your armrests high enough so that it is leveled with the desk. Gaming chairs have the adjustable armrests.
  • Your arms should rest gently on the armrests rather than being propped up. Too much pressure from the arm rests on your forearm can cause cubital tunnel syndrome.
  • If your arms are not properly resting, that means you’re using your muscles at your shoulder to hold your arms up. This may lead to a condition known as mouse shoulder.

Hips and Thighs

  • Sit with your hips all the way back in the chair so your back is pressed against the backrest.
  • Keep both thighs flat on the chair. Sitting cross-legged or otherwise off balance may lead to conditions such as sacroiliac joint dysfunction, sciatica (piriformis syndrome), or postural back pain.

Legs and Feet

  • Last but not least, make sure that your chair height allows your feet to rest flat on the floor. This will make sure that there is no additional strain on your legs. If your feet dangle freely that means that the chair height is too high which isn’t advisable.
  • Your knees should be bent approximately 90 degrees.
  • Rest both feet flat on the floor below your knees.

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