The Office was one of the hottest shows on Netflix for a while, so why did it leave?

Well, here’s the thing – the show didn’t actually leave Netflix entirely. It’s just no longer available on Netflix in the US.

We’ll tell you everything you need to know in this guide – why The Office is no longer available on Netflix US, where people can still watch it on Netflix, and how to unblock it on the spot.

So Why Did The Office Leave Netflix US?

As far as we can tell, Netflix no longer has the licensing rights to The Office in the US. NBCUniversal owns them now, which is why the show is moving to their own streaming service – Peacock.

Due to that, Netflix has no choice but to geo-block the series on its platform to make sure people from the US can’t watch it.

You can watch the first two seasons for free on Peacock, which is nice. After that, you’ll have to pay to see the rest.

Where Is The Office Still Available on Netflix?

Online articles might tell you that The Office has “left Netflix,” but they’re only referring to Netflix US. This show is actually still available on Netflix in other countries.

To find out which ones, you can use StreamCatcher – an online Netflix lookup tool that tells you which countries have specific Netflix titles. When we searched for The Office on StreamCatcher, we got this result:

It looks like you can still watch this series in Canada, the UK, Japan, Sweden, and Australia. If you know it’s available in other places, please let us know in the comment section.

How Can You Unblock The Office on Netflix US?

So do you need to switch to Peacock to watch this TV show?

Not at all – you can actually use three unblocking methods to binge it using your Netflix account. Here’s what you can do:

1. Use a VPN

This is by far the most efficient unblocker – at least according to our tests. Here’s how VPNs help you unblock The Office: they stop Netflix from seeing that you’re actually in the US. To do that, the VPN hides your IP, and replaces it with a new one from a country where this show is available.

When we say “replaces,” we mean that you’ll communicate with Netflix through a VPN server. Basically, your traffic goes to the server first, and then the VPN routes it to Netflix. That way, Netflix associates the data that’s coming from your device with the VPN’s IP address.

Plus, check this out – VPNs encrypt your traffic, meaning your ISP can’t see that you’re exchanging data with Netflix.

Why does that matter?

Because it means your ISP can’t throttle your bandwidth anymore. They won’t know you’re using Netflix. They’ll only know you’re connecting to a random IP that might belong to a VPN.

2. Use a Smart DNS

This is a lesser-known unblocking tool that actually works pretty well. Smart DNS services don’t hide your IP, but they change your DNS settings to prevent your geo-location from being exposed. Basically, they make sure you don’t use your ISP’s DNS server anymore. After all, if Netflix sees that your requests are coming from a US DNS server, they’ll know you’re from that country.

But that’s not all! A Smart DNS also edits your DNS queries (the connection requests), removing any metadata that might tell Netflix what country you’re from. Also, this service will send your traffic through proxy servers that are located in different countries (ones where The Office is available, in this case).

Smart DNS services have some drawbacks, though:

  • They don’t use any encryption, so bandwidth throttling can still be an issue.
  • Since they don’t hide your IP, it can’t bypass firewalls. If your network admin blocks Netflix, there’s nothing you can do.
  • Paying for a stand-alone service is pointless since most VPN providers let you use a Smart DNS alongside their VPN service.

3. Use a Proxy

Proxies are very similar to VPNs. So much so, that they work the same way when it comes to hiding your IP. To unblock The Office, you’ll just need to use a proxy server that’s in Canada, the UK, Australia, Japan, or Sweden.

Unfortunately, proxies are lacking in the encryption department. They either don’t have any, or it’s very weak. So, your ISP will still be able to throttle your bandwidth when you binge The Office on weekends.

Can Netflix Detect Unblocking Tools?

Yes – Netflix has a very powerful and accurate detection system in place. The site usually has an easy time detecting VPNs and proxies, but it can also detect Smart DNS services (we don’t know how + it tends to happen less often).

If Netflix catches you using an unblocking tool, it will send your traffic to the Netflix proxy error. It could also display the NSES-404 error, or straight up prevent you from logging in by continuously saying your login credentials are wrong.

That’s why it’s important to pick a really good unblocking service – one that can avoid Netflix’s detection 24/7. We can only recommend VPNs that do that since we didn’t get to test proxies and Smart DNS services yet. If you’d like to hear about them, here are some providers to check out:

We were always able to unblock Netflix with them, and we rarely saw the Netflix proxy error. When we did, we quickly solved the issue by connecting to a different server – which is really easy to do since they have large server networks.

How Do You Like to Unblock The Office on Netflix US?

Which unblocking method is your favorite? Also, which service provider do you use? We’d love to hear your input, so be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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