Kakegurui is an anime character and you can watch it on Netflix. He is a common student. He came to the famous Private Academy to study and there is one problem. He likes gambling and it is a real problem for the Academy administration. It is interesting that the gambling theme was banned in Japan for a long time and now it’s possible. So, let’s discuss the reasons for watching this anime.

Anime Based on Manga

There are Kawamoto (writer) and Naomura (artist), who have created Kakegurui. The story of Kakegurui started as a manga and nobody could know that it would be a good anime in the future. It is Yen Press who solved to publish this manga. The story was a part of Gangan Joker (published on Square Enix platform) since 2014.

It is written in seven books. That is enough to create an anime serial. Many people really waited for the anime serial and they know what to expect. It would be a hot TV serial and we are going to tell you about it.

The Second Author

The original author of the manga was Kawamoto. But it was not very popular and Yasuko Kobayashi took part in the writing of Kakegurui. It was necessary to make the manga more interesting.

That is an experienced writer, who is only 52 years old. He wrote manga comics for 25 years and his first book was published in 1993.

MAPPA Animation Studio

MAPPA is a young animation studio. It was launched in 2012. But the company is popular today due to the fact of making several animation projects. These projects were very successful. So the studio took part in different successful projects and can read online about it.

So, Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler is another one in the list of successful projects. There are many fans of anime and manga in Japan and in other States.

Japan And Gambling

The government of Japan declared that gambling games would be legalized in the Nation. The process is rather long but everything should be done by the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. The fact could increase the State income while the Competitions.

It is necessary to discuss some details and make the gambling process clear for everyone. So, the gambling sphere is forbidden in Japan till the signing of the law. Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler is a character who detests the restrictions. He is ready to show the pros and cons of gambling sphere.

It is interesting that the gambling sphere was taboo in Japan for a long time. Nobody could discuss it legally in books or on TV. But the project makes gambling the key theme. While watching the anime people could understand that gambling is everywhere. Don’t focus on Yuzu Sato only, try to imagine and you will find the solutions.

Who Are The Viewers?

The anime was created for Shonen. If you don’t know what is it, these are boys between 8 and 18 years old. There are several Shonen-based anime projects and they are focused on the Shonen’s interests. Sure, it doesn’t mean that other people won’t like the anime, but most viewers are Shonen.

According to the practice, girls and adult people also watch it. Moreover, even seniors can watch anime and get pleasure.

Gender Equality

Many producers preferred to make the main character a female if the main audience is Shonen. It is absolutely normal due to the romantic interest to the character. It lets to increase anime popularity.

Many writers and producers in different Nations make the main character a female and it lets to increase the popularity of the project. We can see the gender-equal in life and in anime. So, the girls in manga or anime can have the same features like boys and Kakegurui is a good prove of it. But it is better to note that there were other times with other rules. The gender equal in anime is a great step to show the men are like women and they have the same rights.

Yumeko Jabami is a girl from manga. But the character has several male features in the anime and this is absolutely normal for today.

Great Anime From Netflix

Netflix is a real professional in the TV show sphere. It proposes several US projects with a high rating. One of them is 13 Reasons Why. You can find more information about the shows online.

Moreover, Netflix is also good at anime. There are a lot of successful projects like Attack On Titan, Death Note, and Sword Art Online. The company knows how to make anime popular and follows its rules to do it.

Kakegurui Is The Beginning

There are lots of examples when successful anime projects could appear in the gambling sphere. You can find different new online slots with anime theme. Moreover, there are TOP list of the best anime and manga slots on the internet. Kakegurui is rather a young project but there are a lot of materials to make the manga the anime serial. If the serial would be popular too, we could see the online slots with the same name. By the way, choosing a casino to play online, quite a responsible stage before you start playing. It is worth noting that thanks to expert reviews by real gambling experts, it is possible to find a safe online casino.

Square Enix Know How To Make Gold

Square Enix is a professional studio and it has several successful projects. According to the practice, all the company’s projects are really popular and it brings the organization a lot of money.

The developer is famous due to several video games and the company is always developing. The professional gamers wrote a lot of positive comments about it.

If Square Enix took part in the project, you can be sure that it is a high-quality product.

Kakegurui Season 2

The 2nd season of the anime is possible to see today. You can find it online in several languages. If the date is necessary, you should find the release in the beginning of 2019 anime.

It is unclear the opportunity to see the 3rd season. There is no news online about it but we are waiting for it and follow the news.



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