I travel for both work and pleasure, and as passionate as I am about traveling I am equally passionate about my privacy and security while traveling. Especially when my family is with me.

It does not matter if I’m 15 minutes or 15 hours from my house, I want to rest easy knowing that my family and I can travel safely, in comfort and ease. Sometimes getting to that place of comfort and ease requires a little bit of planning so I want to share with you the top reasons my family and I use a VPN, or virtual private network, to help keep our online presence safe and secure.

VPNs give you a more private way to browse the internet, away from prying eyes of websites and internet providers, by providing an encrypted way to transmit data between you and a website.

1. Taking Care of Home from Afar

When I am traveling without my family for work, I am able to keep the bills paid on time and order any supplies we need to be restocked at home when I’m in a different state or a different country.

Before I used a VPN, I would often not be able to access the websites to pay bills or shop on our regular online marketplace.

2. Avoiding Location-Based Price Targeting

Another nice side effect of using a VPN is not experiencing the price jumps you may experience shopping online while visiting other countries. Doing online shopping for the home is one of my ultimate perks with the VPN.

I can shop our regular websites from international locations, something I could not do without my VPN. Not only does this keep my household running smoothly, but I can also avoid paying local and international taxes and fees on my regular transactions.

3. Secure Public Wi-Fi

A couple of years ago, a business associate I was traveling with connected to an open Wi-Fi network at an airport bar we were at during a late-night layover. She began checking email and taking care of some personal business when she realized that something was not right.

Realizing she had logged on to a fake Wi-Fi hotspot, she quickly disconnected and began changing passwords. Had she been using a VPN, this situation would not have happened. VPNs give you extra layers of protection while using public connections making you less vulnerable to these fake Wi-Fi spots.

4. Protecting my family

Navigating airports and foreign countries while traveling with children is stressful enough on its own. The last thing I want to do is add another stressor to my list, so when traveling with my family, I make sure that my children have VPNs on all their devices.

This gives me an extra layer of protection for their information and protects them from strangers who might target them due to their age believing their phone’s security might be lax.

5. Helping my Job

While I’m working away from home, I do want to ensure what I am sharing with clients and the office stays private. VPNs allow me to work remotely while knowing my data is safe and secure.

Another thing that VPNs allow me to do is research on what a client based in another country might experience with a website or application. If I am working for a client in Europe, I might want to use a server in their area to gauge how everything works for them. I can also use this technique to check out trending search data in various countries to get a better understanding of analytics or SEO for another location.

Also, while not crucial to my job, having a VPN can also help ensure your research is not tracked. This can be beneficial for those in the scientific or journalistic fields where research on topics can sometimes be competitive or dangerous.

Even though we do not have a large family, juggling work and home life can still be challenging, but using a VPN is one way that I can help reduce some stress while traveling and help ensure my family’s online presence. I also appreciate the security it gives to my work – knowing I can trade files with clients and my bosses from any location around the world is gratifying.


There is tons of information available on both understanding and picking VPNs that are appropriate for your use. Some sites offer incredibly comprehensive reviews on various services, like this one giving a very solid review on VPNReactor provider on VPNAlert, but they also provide information on other services that could fit your needs, as well.

Let me know in the comments down below if you enjoyed this article. Did you get some new ideas on why VPS can be important for you and your family during travel? Also, tell me below what some of your security tips for traveling are. If you found this helpful, give this a share to your social media and pass on the tips!

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