This game didn’t leave a person indifferent.

World of Warcraft is an MMORPG, which stands for massively multiplayer online role-playing game, that came out in November, 2004.

Many played Warcraft 3 before starting WoW, so they already had a sense of belonging in the fantasy world created and curated by Blizzard. The characters were memorable and charismatic, the atmosphere of the game was immaculate, the soundtracks, the voicelines, the plot — everything was tenderly loved by the players.

World of Warcraft has affected many people’s lives. Most of them started playing Classic WoW when they were just kids — the game has contributed to many fond childhood memories, creating a sense of nostalgia which is still relevant when people are reminiscing about the game. It is one of the reasons why everyone is playing World of Warcraft.

Since WoW was a part of people’s childhood, it was so deeply ingrained with their daily lives, they literally grew up with the game. You might be aware of the news when WoW only came out and people were enthralled with the game, forgetting about their real lives.

Reasons why WoW made it

  • It has transformed the challenging genre into something anyone could play

WoW takes place in a challenging world full of other people competing to be the best players on the server, and be the best at their class. They communicate with other players, do quests, level up together, get loot and fight each other.

The thing is, the genre wasn’t very much welcoming. WoW did a great job reducing the entry-level difficulty of the game so new players could enjoy the game too. The famous Blizzard’s motto is “Easy to play, hard to master”.

  • Huge world map

The original world map had gigantic areas to offer. There were no loading screens in between locations and players could easily move across the whole game.

Locations’ fantasy style was varied, stylish, and memorable. It took inspiration from basically any fantasy style you could imagine, so you had space ships in one location and ancient forests in the other ones.

  • Made to be addictive

The World of Warcraft’s paying system is a subscription, so you stay longer playing the game. It may sound bad, but it works.

Every single time you get a new level, you feel the anticipation of getting something new: a skill, a new mount you can ride, new gear, and, of course, new adventures.

Rewards are in hand’s reach, and you know you’ll be saying “Just one more quest before I go to bed” at 3 in the morning.

  • There is no right way to play the game

Just like the title says, there is no right or wrong. You can grind quests for hours or level up in dungeons. Farm resources and sell them on the auction house, level up professions and relax in your faction capital city chatting with people.

There are even special roleplaying servers which have created a whole other segment of players dedicated to role play their own characters!

Starting the game

How to play World of Warcraft? Well, you set up a account, buy the game and subscription, choose a server, then you get to the juicy part — creating a character.

There are 12 classes (prior to several expansions there were only 9) you can choose from. Every single one fulfills a certain class fantasy. If you want to be a sneaky highwayman – pick a rogue; if you want to cast spells – mage, and so on. World of Warcraft’s most-played class as of 2021, according to is Druid.

In love with the game

Players that have witnessed the 2nd expansion to WoW called Wrath of the Lich King may remember the countless fan videos posted on YouTube. There were covers of the songs, machinimas, and PvP montages. From “I am Murloc” to “That’s the World of Warcraft that you play!”. No doubt the player base was in love with the game and have created their own tributes to the game they play.

Will you join?

With so many people that have already joined the game, you might ask “Should I play World of Warcraft?”. And the answer is always the same — yes. It is a magnificent game to play, especially with your friends. It has a lot of room for possibilities to find new friends, even spouses, if you’re lucky. Many people have made the strongest bonds with people they’ve found in WoW. You can be one of those people too.

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