Rapper Snoop Dogg recently confessed that he retreats to his car during quarantine to listen to “Let It Go” from the Disney animated classic, Frozen. That iconic Disney tune helps him to keep perspective during uncertain times, and the song was brought to life by gifted singer and actress, Idina Menzel. Idina is a real-life Disney queen whose talent inspires Disneyphiles worldwide. If you love, “Let It Go” as much as Snoop does, then you’ll enjoy learning about the life and times of Idina Menzel. She and Snoop had a cute exchange on Twitter after he talked about his love for “Let It Go.” It’s safe to say a lot of Disney fans would love to chat with Idina!

Idina was part of the reason Frozen took off

Idina is currently 48, and her singing gifts have been blowing away audiences for years. Aside from her Disney achievements, she is known for playing Elphaba in Wicked on Broadway and Maureen in the Broadway cast of Rent. Idina’s best show tunes have common themes: they are about women overcoming obstacles. For this reason, she’s a performer who empowers women and has earned the adoration of female fans fair and square. She is one reason why Frozen has become such a global sensation. The animated film was a huge success and so are its soundtracks, princess dresses for children, collectible picture books for kids, and other merchandise, including dolls. Memorabilia from the film makes it into subscription box collections too, and Anna and Elsa have a firm place amongst the beloved Disney princesses. Fans can’t get enough of Frozen and its sequel, Frozen 2. When she isn’t contributing to the legacy of the Frozen franchise, the voice of Elsa is a basketball mom and wife,

Her voice is exceptional

Menzel has powerful pipes, and her voice is classified as Mezzo-Soprano. “Let It Go” was actually written with the singer in mind. When a Disney song is written just for you, that’s a sign of true success. The song was written specifically for Idina’s vocal range, so it was a perfect fit for her talents. The passion that Menzel brought to the show tune was praised by critics. Themes of freedom and empowerment in the song, and the Frozen franchise in general, have made its stars feminist icons. 

She appeared in Uncut Gems

Wholesome Disney films and Broadway blockbusters aren’t all that Idina Menzel can do. She’s also an actress who doesn’t need to sing a single note to make an impact on the big screen. For example, she co-starred in the gritty and suspenseful motion picture, Uncut Gems, alongside Adam Sandler. She played a wife who was coming to terms with who her selfish and immature spouse really was. However, she hasn’t given up on singing. She recently thrilled Disney fans by performing “A Whole New World” from Aladdin during The Disney Family Singalong Volume 2.

Idina Menzel has earned a place in history as one of the great divas of stage and screen. She’s also an indelible part of Disney’s history. If you’re looking for a way to unwind, listen to “Let It Go” today.