Beginner’s luck is mainly associated with gambling and any story that relates to this is always exciting and even inspiring. Admit it, if someone you know tells you that they won quite an amount on their first few tries of playing a slot machine game, you might start to feel interested in playing. You might have wishful thinking that you will also experience this type of luck.

This type of luck could hit you while playing Online Wheel and Lottery games in India, a simple game of blackjack, or even with a game of roulette, baccarat, or poker. However, that’s the thing… it “could” only hit you. It’s never guaranteed.

What is Beginner’s Luck Anyway?

Beginner’s luck is defined as a type of good luck that is said to be experienced by a beginner at a particular activity. It’s mostly associated with gambling but it could also occur during any activity. It is a supposed phenomenon that a person experiences when doing something that they are new to or unfamiliar with.

Amusingly, this supposed phenomenon has a page on Wikipedia and it says that it is a phenomenon of novices experiencing disproportionate frequency of success or succeeding against an expert in a given field or activity. It also says that it is a term used when someone with no skill or whatsoever (knowledge) plays a slot machine game for the first time and wins the jackpot.

Well, that’s just really how it is defined. As long as you are new to an activity and you are surprisingly good at it, you win, or you beat an expert then that’s you experiencing beginner’s luck.

Why It Could Be Dangerous

If there is anything that science has to say about beginner’s luck, it has something to do with the risks it brings. An article published on NCBI talked about how beginner’s luck could teach riskier choices. In the experiment that they did, they used house sparrows.

“We presented socially foraging house sparrows with a choice between scattered feeding wells in which millet seeds were hidden under 2 types of colored sand: green sand offering ~80 seeds with a probability of 0.1 (high risk–high reward) and yellow sand offering 1 seed with certainty (low risk–low reward).

“Although the expected benefit of choosing variable wells was 8 times higher than that of choosing constant wells, only some sparrows developed a preference for variable wells, whereas others developed a significant preference for constant wells.

“Moreover, preference for variable or constant wells was related to the sparrows’ success during searching, rather than during joining others or when picking exposed seeds (i.e., they learn when actively searching in the sand).”

Beginner’s luck could attract people who have experienced it to riskier moves. The thrill that this kind of luck brings can make gamblers keep on repeating what they did the first time to experience the same win. With that, it could be dangerous as it could lead to gambling addiction.

Does it Exist?

It may sound like a funny question, but when you think about it, how true is it? Is there such a thing? Well, different opinions may arise if you start to ask this question to anybody.

Many would easily say yes because they have experienced it themselves or they know someone who did. That does make it real, but statistically speaking, no data can prove its existence. Science has nothing to say about it.

Beginner’s luck can be explained sometimes. For example, in gambling, a person could win a big amount the first time because they don’t exactly know the risks of what they are getting into. They might have placed bigger bets than the experts because they don’t know how much they will lose if they did lose.

Beginners are spared from the pressure of the games that they are playing or anything it is that they are doing. No one expects much from them, and they aren’t exactly limited when it comes to their moves or actions.

Experts tend to mind so many things when playing a game. Before they place their bets, they are already calculating so much in their heads. This makes them have a limited number of actions. In short, experts tend to play it safe.

Also, think about how people would only talk about the good stuff when it comes to this. People who have won a casino game without much experience will most likely go out there and just say it’s beginner’s luck without talking about how many attempts they had or what they had in mind while playing. Meanwhile, beginners who lose at the game that they played the first time rarely talk about it. They don’t just go out there to say that there is no such thing as beginner’s luck. They just move on and charge it to experience.