The people falling under the loose term of ‘geek’ don’t have an easy life growing up. The kids and teens referred to as geeks are often bullied by their peers and they have a hard time making friends. Let’s see what happens to nerdy young people when they try to enter the workplace. Are they still shunned by everyone or do they get their sweet revenge?

How do you spot a geek at a job interview?

Growing up, many young people come to accept their geek label and use it to their advantage. When you hear someone saying ‘I’m sort of a technology geek’ or any other field for that matter, you should probably take that at face value. They are very passionate about a domain or other and don’t feel a need to hide it anymore. Or cannot hide it since it’s their hobby.

When this hobby is directly linked to their future job, an employer will have every reason to want to hire such a person. You want a dedicated employee and someone who keeps up with all the news concerning their area of interest.

With just a few words, the geek already scores major bonus points over other job seekers.

Why are geeks more likely to pass a background check?

Many Australian businesses routinely screen their prospective employees just to make sure they are not dangerous and won’t create disturbances in the workplace.

With geeks, a criminal background check is just a formality in most cases. Nerdy types are less likely to have a criminal record and they have their less than happy life as teens and young adults to thank for. 

The bullied kid who doesn’t get invited to parties will just go home and engage in their favorite activity and study whatever it is they’re passionate about. Not only they will have better grades and go to a good college, but they’re also less likely to get involved in stupid activities that usually land young people in trouble. They won’t get caught driving while intoxicated, since they don’t go to the sort of parties where their peers get blind drunk. They’re also less likely to be into drugs, just as they have fewer opportunities to get into fights or commit illegal activities. 

 Should you skip background checks for geeks?

That’s probably not a very good idea. Just because a person seems totally honest, hard-working and very well-educated, that shouldn’t make them exempt from a mandatory procedure like a background check.

Appearances can be deceiving and you should not base your hiring policy on gut feelings. Also, it might look bad if some of your employees receive what appears to be preferential treatment.

Undergoing a background check should not bother the candidate, geek or not, just as ordering one should not be a bother to the HR department. In countries like Australia and New Zealand, you can have a background check done in a couple of days using an online character check agency, fully accredited with the Federal government, which offers fast and 100% reliable checks. You just tap in the job applicant’s basic identity information, upload a photo and press submit.

For a geek, the result will probably be a clean criminal record, but why take a chance? Better safe than sorry.


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