Not many people could have foreseen how popular annual comic-cons would become when they were first introduced. The very first official one came in 1970 when the San Diego Comic-Con was held for the first time. Since then, it has gone on to become a staple in the calendar for all people that love comic books, films and television. But, what have been the crucial aspects that have enabled these events to become so popular over the past 40 years?

Access to the Stars

The biggest comic-cons, such as the one in Birmingham, United Kingdom, pride themselves on being able to attract the biggest stars in the world. These stars make this comic-cons a regular stop on their busy schedules, as the biggest fans in the world will be there to see them. The access that fans have to the stars is unparalleled when it comes to comic-cons, as they can attend panels and ask questions.

Some of the biggest celebrities in the world have attended the San Diego event, which ensures that they continue to be as popular as they have ever been as fans will get the opportunity to get up close and personal with actors that have portrayed their favourite superheroes and villains.

Community for Fans

The event is so beloved by the fans because of how well attended, and friendly the visitors are to each other. They all appreciate that they are there for the same reason, and that means everybody gets along brilliantly. The biggest success story for comic-con has been the community that is has brought for fans, as they can now talk about comic books and television shows at these conferences with like-minded people instead of posting into forums.

As well as that, the popularity of the events shows that the future of comic-con has never been brighter. The number of people that are attending these events is only likely to increase over the next couple of years, which means that there is no fear that we will ever be living in a world without comic-cons. 

They’re Fun

Many people who go to the biggest comic-con events also have to travel in order to get there. They travel from all over the world for the biggest comic-cons for one massive reason- because they are so much fun. Everybody in attendance is looking to have a memorable weekend, and that ensures that comic-cons are constantly full of returning visitors.

One of the most fun aspects of these comic-cons is the cosplay element. The lengths that fans go to look like their heroes is staggering nowadays, as some of the costumes look better than what the film executives can get their hands on. Comic-con competitions on this front have made dressing up a constant element to every event. Fans are encouraged to come in their cosplay outfits, with the best being rewarded. This fancy dress element has ensured that everybody that attends is involved, and is beautifully unique about this event.