Geek culture is more mainstream now than ever, and female geeks in particular embrace their nerd vibe. This has led to a corresponding increase in the number of businesses that cater their offerings to our community. Unfortunately, it can still be tough to find the perfect geek hangout spot to meet up at with your friends. ou can only host so many tabletop game nights.

Creating your own geek space

A friend group is only as strong as the place they meet. So, if you have nowhere to meet your friends, it may be hard to keep those friendships growing. Instead of waiting for the right business to pop up in your city, why not create your own ultimate geek room? It could be just what you need to keep your friendships growing. It’ll also just be a lot of fun!

For us geeks, imagining the perfect hangout space brings up visions of a room where you can pursue your geekery in all of the glorious forms it takes. For example, those of us who lovevideo games dream of a cozy space with perfect lighting, comfortable chairs, and all of our favorite games at our fingertips. No matter what your calling is, there are a few things that all of the best hangout spaces have in common. For the best results, your ultimate geek room should be:

  • Stocked with food
  • Decorated in your own unique style
  • Clean and comfortable
  • And full of the things you and your friends love to do.
That’s great, but where do I start?

Putting all of these things in one space can be challenging. That’s why you should be sure to take some time to make a plan before getting started. First, figure out where you want the room to be. Is it in your spare bedroom? The garage? If you don’t have space indoors, you could even take your geek room outside. Find a spot in the yard and design your own shed to create a unique space that you and your friends won’t ever want to leave.

Once you’ve picked out your location, start thinking about what you want to do in your new room. Make a list of everything you want to be able to do there. Then, you can start figuring out how to fit it all together in a way that feels comfortable and connected. Add some flair that memorializes your friend group to take your spot to the next level.

The Bottom Line

Setting up the perfect space for you and your geek friends may sound like a lot of work. However, with the right planning, the process can be easier than you would think. If you identify as a female geek, creating a great hangout spot for you and your girls is a great way to help female geek culture grow. Why not show your friends just how important they are to you by creating the perfect space for you all to hang out in? With a little elbow grease, you all could be binge-watching your favorite sci-fi in style before you know it.