Who’s Left?
Who hasn’t been used in the DC-TV Berlanti-verse?
Part 2 of 2
by Chris Morris

This is PART TWO in Chris Morris’ series of ‘Who hasn’t been used in the DC-TV Berlanti-verse?’ You should catch up on all the goodness and read PART ONE, HERE. 


10-Blue and Gold

Blue Beetle/Booster Gold

*DC chose Rip Hunter to lead the Legends of Tomorrow (which does make more sense) but hopefully there are big plans for Booster (and Blue Beetle) in the future. These two could be involved in a superhero sitcom together. Perhaps the new Office-style sitcom coming to NBC? Played by Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk perhaps?

The Question

*would love to see Vic Sage on Arrow, especially if he’s given the same personality he had on Justice League Unlimited…full of conspiracy theories and boy band pop songs!


*having an association with Jay Garrick would usually point to an appearance on Flash, but if they went “real” with his story, maybe he uses steroids that last an hour at a time, that story would be cool on Arrow, with a form of roid rage coming along with the powers making him unstable.

Dr. Midnight

*same as above as far as the Jay Garrick/Flash association, but he could be a Batman (or more likely Daredevil)-like figure on Arrow. Plus, dude’s sidekick is an owl. Points for that!


*another possibility for the more “realistic” Arrow, a vigilante with a weapon that puts villains to sleep rather than kill them would fit well on Team Arrow

Johnny Thunder and Thunderbolt

*Supergirl’s gonna need more and more powerful enemies to fight, how about a rogue genie?


*the country of Markovia has been referenced MANY times on Arrow, so it’s only natural one of these show up eventually right? Again, Arrow has borrowed liberally from the Teen Titans, so think about it; bring in Terra, who infiltrates Team Arrow as an evil double-agent and boom, along comes Deathstroke (and HIVE?) to get revenge!


*speaking of Deathstroke, he mentioned he had a son on Arrow…they already kinda used The Ravager character with Summer Glau’s Isabel Rochev so “Joe” could be Jericho.

11-Elongated Man

Ralph Dibny the Elongated Man

*although listed among the dead due to the particle excellerator explosion in an early episode of The Flash, I can’t bring myself to believe it. Ralph Dibny had to have survived and taken his Elongated-self to Las Vegas and opened a night club show. At some point he has to get home-sick and return to Central City. And remember, originally he was a bad guy who used his powers for evil until the Flash straightened him out…so to speak. Or does he fall in love with Sue first? His role of Barry Allen’s buddy was already stolen by Cisco (not that I am complaining, Cisco rules!) but he should get his turn at some point. I’ll let the Flash writers decide…if Plastic Man appears before Ralph I’ll throw a fit, so be warned…

Adam Strange

*deserves his own show, being Zeta-Beamed around the universe every week meeting new characters…could be a new Star Trek TNG/Voyager/hell RED DWARF! style show

Animal Man

*another potential sitcom, with Buddy Baker part time super hero, part time dad. Or something totally weird and freaky, like the Grant Morrison/New 52 run of the comics.

Jade & Obsidian & Alan Scott

*Jade, who has the power of a Green Lantern power ring, but without the ring, and her gay brother Obsidian, who can control shadows. At one point Obsidian becomes a villain and Jade, along with their father Original GL Alan Scott, a media mogul, bring him back to the side of good. If Arrow wants to spent time in Coast City next season but can’t use Hal Jordan, how about this group?

Gypsy/Steel (Hank Heywood)

*both Vixen and Vibe from the Justice League Detroit years have been brought into the live-action world, why not these two, most likely on Flash as old friends of Cisco, perhaps?



Stargirl / Stars and STRIPE

*deserves her own show; young teenage girl with divorced parents, her stepdad seems lame until she uncovers the fact he used to be a superhero so it’s up to him to show her how she can become something great and they bond in the process. She could start out as trying to show up Supergirl, perhaps jealous of her powers but later they become friends (like their relationship on Justice League Unlimited), perhaps Stargirl even becomes Supergirl’s sidekick for awhile before getting her own show…

Rocket Reds

*nearly a perfect fit for Supergirl if they go the direction of governments using superheroes as deterrents for war rather than nuclear missiles (which I realize is something only I am pushing for) but also since Oliver Queen has yet to show up in Russia in the flashbacks, it would be cool for him to run into a loveable dude named Dmitri Pushkin and his family, wife Belina and children Mischa and Tascha.

Red Star

*see above; Red Star is one of the few Russian super heroes and is an ally of the Teen Titans, so he’s likely to show up on Arrow someday…

Steel (John Henry Irons)

*this would be AWESOME if JHI showed up, at first working for the government, again General Lane, coming up with weapons (Toastmasters?) to fight Supergirl but he eventually sees the error of his ways and wants to fight with her instead…

Swamp Thing

*whenever I would hear someone mention “The Glades” on Arrow, I would envision somewhere where the Swamp Thing would live. Turns out it was just Starling City’s version of Suicide Slum. As mentioned before, The Flash’s producers and VFX crews have brought to life Gorilla Grodd and King Shark. If the show’s writers wanted to go environmental, bringing Swamp Thing to life wouldn’t be a problem. He could also fit easily on Supergirl.

13-vigilante_shining knight

Vigilante/Shining Knight

*these two had great chemistry on Justice League Unlimited as time-misplaced heroes, one from the old west and one from the Knights of the Round table in a modern day setting bickering over the crime-fighting methods of Dirty Harry; both sound perfect for appearances on Legends of Tomorrow, either together or separate


*in all seriousness, really the most likely to appear on Arrow, as he has no powers and is more of a secret agent type. Maybe he helps Ollie in his Russia flashbacks that are still to come?


Legion of Super-Heroes

*deserve their own show. Been around for decades and decades, lots of great stories yet to be told. Seems simple to me anyway…

The Doom Patrol

*similar to Justice League Dark, this could be a “freaky” show, pardon the pun, a super powered version of American Horror Story, if they followed the path laid out for them by Grant Morrison.

Crimson Fox

*while I am a big fan of the Justice League Europe days, I have to admit I’m not even sure of Fox’s powers; I remember at one point Crimson Fox was two people, sisters…could be an interesting character to play with, which over the years has been a strength of these writers, taking obscure characters and giving them new life. Anyone hear of Felicity Smoak before this series, even hardcore Firestorm fans?

Hawk & Dove

*if Supergirl goes down a path telling stories of governments, armies, war, etc. then they have to include Hawk and Dove somewhere in there…

15-starman jack knight

Starman (Jack Knight)

*deserves his own show; have you read Starman by James Robinson? Go read those books!

Sgt. Rock and Easy Company

*how can these guys NOT show up on Legends of Tomorrow? It’s an American time-travel show. Like they aren’t going to visit World War II! C’mon! That’s like, a rule!

The Blackhawks

*see above…the Blackhawks were the name of a biker gang in S1 of Arrow but that was a long time ago. In fact, the animated Justice League show had a 3-part episode called “Savage Time” that if Legends doesn’t re-write and re-use, they’d be fools. And guess who the villain is? Vandal Savage!


The Wonder Twins

*actually, I’m serious about this one. Watch the Justice League Unlimited episode “Ultimatum”, a pseudo-version of the Wonder Twins, as well as Apache Chief, Black Vulcan and Samurai from the old Super Friends cartoons, show up to fight the Justice League. This episode even includes Maxwell Lord! Just switch out Wonder Woman (and the entire League) for Supergirl and the show writes itself!


*definitely belongs on Supergirl, as the hard-up intergalactic queen looking for a suitable husband in Superman, maybe switch things around and make Maxima a lesbian? It’s 2016 after all! Or is it 2016 on CBS? They seem to regard time differently there…

King Faraday

*would be a great addition to the DEO side of the Supergirl story, which is going to get more interesting as they are bringing in Cameron Chase to the show…perhaps Faraday could replace Mister Bones as head of the DEO, it could save money with the VFX?


Freedom Fighters (Uncle Sam, Phantom Lady, Human Bomb, Dollman, Firebrand, The Ray, Black Condor)

*these are all throwback heroes who, again, could fit on Supergirl. They could be homages to Captain America, found frozen in the arctic, unable to adjust to life in the new USA and take out their frustrations on Kara. Or maybe, like, robots or something…whatever…

Lady Blackhawk

*perhaps Zinda Blake is the one to teach Ollie to fly a plane?

Cinnamon, Nighthawk, El Diablo and other Old West heroes

*allies of Jonah Hex, so they could appear on Legends of Tomorrow. Even better is that Cinnamon and Nighthawk have been shown to be two of the various re-incarnations of Hawkman and Hawkgirl, so they should appear too.

Blue Devil

*Hollywood stuntman suits up in a movie costume, he becomes “The Blue Devil” – could be a new super powered version of “The Fall Guy”. If not, would fit best on Supergirl.


*had a great series by Grant Morrison and a run in the JLA but kind of disappeared…a great character gone to waste, could be revamped for Arrow


*briefly a member of the JLA and the star of a great mini-series JLA: Paradise Lost, Zauriel would be perfect on Supergirl if they ever went down the “she’s actually an angel named Matrix” rabbit hole, although that is very unlikely…

Picture #18 (and the rest)

Manitou Raven, Agent Liberty, General Glory, Blue Jay, Silver Sorceress, Maya, Amazing Man, Mystek, Firehawk, Congorilla…and others…

*some JLA members over the years who came and went who, unlike Aztek or Zauriel, didn’t even get an acclaimed series that some people remember fondly out of it. Out of these, Amazing Man was the most fun with some crazy powers. General Glory and Agent Liberty were both parodies of Captain America, basically. Blue Jay was a parody of Yellowjacket and Silver Sorceress a parody of Scarlet Witch, so if you want to go that way…you’d probably just want to bring back all the Champions of Angor. As mentioned before, the writers of these shows are really good at taking underused characters and making them great (never thought I’d be looking forward to seeing Vibe/Cisco on my TV screen every week).

Snapper Carr

*the annoying finger snapping JLA mascot Snapper Carr was re-envisioned as a tech geek in Mark Waid’s JLA: Year One mini-series, but there seem to be enough of those to go around on all of the four current shows…if they wanted to use ol’ Snapper, they would probably have to reboot him either way, no matter what show he would be on…


*apparently the time machine in Legends of Tomorrow is called “The Waverider”, so that’s probably the closest he will get to the show…

Detective Chimp

*oh, if only…

Ambush Bug

*ahhhh…maybe not…


*well…he was great on “Batman: Brave and the Bold”…


*okay, now I’m running out of ideas…but you get the point…right?

Looks like I’ve come up with lots of ideas for the Supergirl writers, rather than the Arrow writers. I know I’ve missed more than a few superheroes (I say that sincerely…hard to cover 75 years-ish of an entire comic book universe; admittedly I did ignore the New 52 but that was by choice), but I don’t think I’ve missed anyone MAJOR…next time the super-villains! WHO’S LEFT?

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Chris Morris is a filmmaker, world-traveller and comic book writer. He’s currently working on “The Supers: the 3rd Best Super-Team in the World”