The world loves superheroes – they all have their own special superpowers and unique personalities. With tons of Hollywood adaptations of comic book superheroes, their fanbases grow ever larger. If you are fan who also crosses over into the world of gambling, we have a question for you today – which superhero or supervillain would be the ultimate gambler?

We know they all have great superpowers to varying degrees. However, let’s explore who would be the most effective superpower when it comes to gambling and which superhero could walk away with the biggest wins and jackpots.


The Joker

Joker has been largely portrayed as a super villain, but for some of us, he is still a hero. Especially after the recent Joker film starring Joaquin Phoenix, where the roots of his madness were understood, and a lot of people could not help but grow a soft spot for him.

The Joker is a character created by Bill Finger, Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson. The character appeared in the first ever issue of the Batman comic book. Joker is Batman’s worst nemesis, and has a twisted sense of humor.

Could this dark and twisted mastermind put his devious ways to use at a casino? The Joker may not have any superpowers, but with his elite level of intelligence, he could just be the ultimate gambler too. We know how this evil kingpin can strategize a flawless and jaw dropping armed robbery. Do you think a game of blackjack would be a challenge for him?

After all, he is named after the most dynamic playing card in a deck! Could he play his cards right?

Dr. Charles Xavier

Does the name Dr. Charles Xavier not ring a bell? Well, you may not be as much of a superhero fan as you thought. He is none other than Professor X, the most sophisticated mind that walks (or wheelchairs) the planet.

Joker may be named after a really useful playing card, but it is very hard to compete with someone who has telepathic abilities. Dr. Charles Xavier can read your mind! If that isn’t the ultimate superpower in a casino, we don’t know what is.

Imagine being seated at the same poker table as Professor X. Unless you are wearing the special helmet that his Archenemy Magneto uses to stop Professor X from diving into his mind, there is no way you can beat Professor X.

One glance at you and he will know your hand better than you remember it! Moreover, he will be able to read your mind and thoughts at every stage of the game, are you bluffing? Are you trying a poker strategy? You cannot hide anything from Professor X.

Professor X’s mind reading abilities would be useful in more casino settings than just a poker table. He would also excel at a game of Blackjack. In fact, as long as the game is not purely luck based and involved some element of skill, Professor X would certainly be the ultimate gambler superhero ever.

What’s more? Professor X is one of the most moral and ethical mutants. So, would he even go exploit a casino with his prowess? Maybe not, but in case he does, he will certainly be using the money he wins to do the world a world of good.

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Harvey Dent

Two Face is one of Batman’s other arch enemies. Harvey Dent was a respected Attorney for the State and a man of good values. But all that changed when half of his face was burned, and his girlfriend was murdered. Harvey Dent became Two Face, no longer Mr. Nice Guy for sure!

How would Harvey Dent be an effective gambler? Well, the poker table is where his poker face would truly come in handy. Two Face is a master manipulator and extremely intelligent. Having been on both sides of the fence, he knows how the good think and how the bad think. He can harness his attorney reasoning skills and his two-faced nature to get people to walk right into his bluff.


Do you know that there are real people in the world who have the same super power as Ozymandius? Yes, photographic memory is a real thing and needless to explain, it would be a great tool while playing Blackjack at a casino.

If the super intelligent Ozymandius just learned the basics of card counting, he could use his photographic memory to loot casinos of millions of dollars.

And the winner is!

The Joker, Harvey ‘Two-Face’ Dent and Ozymandius are all worthy contenders and would undoubtedly make extremely successful gamblers in their own rights. However, there can only be one ultimate gambler today and we are glad he is on the side of good – Professor Charles Xavier.

It is hard to compete with someone who can read minds. Professor X is our ultimate superhero gambler! Casinos would be out of business if he got into gambling. Maybe it is a good thing he is busy saving the world and leading the X-Men.