Whether you see yourself more as a Wonder Woman or as a Black Widow, you can’t deny that we all have a little bit of a superhero inside us…and that all superheroes are a little bit human. While some, like Clark Kent/Superman disguise themselves as humans, others – like Peter Parker/Spiderman (mostly) walk among us every day, undetected. 

It’s funny to think that (within the universe they live in, whether that’s Marvel, DC or otherwise), these characters that we’ve grown to love and enjoy watching have their own lives, hobbies and experiences. Sometimes, we get glimpses of who they are, beyond their superpowers, like in the recent Spiderman: Far From Home movie, where we saw antihero Mysterio’s (Jake Gyllenhaal) talent for producing huge fight scenes, designing villains and stage managing a terrifying event. 

It’s funny to consider how, had Mysterio made just a few different career choices, Peter Parker might have had a much better European vacation! And, just like Peter Parker’s fateful tour of Venice and Prague, we’re similarly left wondering what might have happened had Black Panther not destroyed a casino, and maybe spent more time on actually playing and enjoying the game. 

Speaking of which – being a superhero and having some online fun really aren’t so different. Both activities require a steady hand, patience, skill, and an eye for strategy. It was this that got us thinking – which casino game(s) would your favorite superheroes be best at playing? 

Here’s what we think. And, BTW, if you love both gambling and superheroes there are many slot games themed on superheroes like Batman, the Joker and many others.

Wonder Woman – Poker 

As a strong, independent woman, saving the world time and time again – Wonder Woman has a knack for people, and a strong sense of empathy. She knows when to take action, and when to sit back and assess her surroundings – she has all the makings of a really solid poker player. 

You can bet that Wonder Woman would read the room, and probably count a fair few cards. After all, she has superhuman durability, so you know she’s able to sit through a long game! 

Captain Marvel – Roulette

Possibly one of the strongest (if not the) strongest of superheroes of all time, Captain Marvel (AKA Carol Danvers) has the stamina, strength and agility that most superheroes do. However, it’s her “seventh sense” – her ability to tell the future, coupled with her white hole power (which allows her to control gravity), that would make her the world’s best Roulette player. Combined with her intelligence, Captain Marvel would likely be banned from most casinos after just a few rounds at the Roulette tables! 

Still Image of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel in the upcoming MCU film

Captain Marvel 

Shuri – Blackjack/Poker 

One of the shining stars of the Black Panther films, Shuri’s wit, sharp intelligence, resourcefulness and creative genius all point to her amazing strategic abilities. 

And what better casino game for a strategist than Poker or Blackjack? While Blackjack has a more limited scope for creativity, Shuri would surely be able to monitor which cards are in play, and have been played, and then shape her strategy accordingly. However, it’s likely that Poker would suit her down to the ground; she’s certainly made use of her creativity, not to mention cut other players down to size (and make them question her hand) in the process. 

Black Widow – Video Slots 

Hear us out – while we’re pretty certain that Black Widow, a fan favorite, would excel at any number of games, we think video slots would really be her forte. That’s thanks to signature bracelets, which can deliver up to 30,000 volts of electrostatic energy. That could be effective for a fair few things, but it would definitely go some way to making a video slot go her way! Otherwise, as a skilled strategist, we’re confident she’d find her way around any type of slot game, or casino game, for that matter. 

All in all, we think that most superheroes would excel at playing any online casino game – not that normal humans wouldn’t, but these superheroes could definitely bring a certain extra something to the game, thanks to their superhuman powers!