E3 2018 has dropped a lot of big gaming news but one studio takes the cake (for me). Bethesda’s showcase was a masterwork in hype and anticipation. Not every announcement knocked it out of the park (here’s looking at you, Elder Scrolls: Legends) but there was so much to look forward to, including the space odyssey known as Starfield and the most anticipated game out of the studio. One that, as developer/director/executive producer Todd Howard pointed out, everyone was bugging the studio about. The Elder Scrolls VI

The 30 second announcement trailer was vague and unassuming with minimal music and even less footage. In fact it’s mostly a barren place. And that’s what a lot of fans have focused on. Since we only know that the series is in development, we literally have nothing else to go on outside of this trailer. Hell, even the announcement for Skyrim was a lot more informative than this! So if you don’t mind, put your speculation hats on and join me as we delve into just where in Tamriel will we go in the next installment. And I have two places I think the game may take us.

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The first is one I’m not as positive about but High Rock. The coastal province home to the Bretons is the only mainland province that doesn’t touch Cyrodill. High Rock has “varied” regional geography with forested peaks and and windswept plateaus. The country has prospered with illustrious trade with all of Tamriel, though the ruins of a once active fortifications has fallen over time. While High Rock has varied areas (like Skyrim has), I’m more doubtful of the game being located here due to how small the province is. If Bethesda gave us all of Skyrim to roam, I doubt they would cut our journey in almost half. However, if they decided to base it in High Rock but trade with other lands so we can see all of Tamriel, that could be very interesting. 

However, I have to say, I am leaning towards it being Hammerfell. The province is covered in vast mountain ranges, grasslands, and deserts, the most prominent being the Alik’r Desert. Now, what we saw in the trailer was sand and grass covered ground, large mountains and a coast line. It fits the description pretty well. Not only that, but the landmass equals to, if not is larger than, Skyrim is. Geology aside, why would we go to Hammerfell? Well, multiple reasons. The province was once part of the Tamriel Empire but has left it after the Great War. They also refused to sign the White-Gold Concordat. The land is also home to fiercest and most cunning warriors in all of Tamriel. The Dwemer also held land here. So not only do we have sword fighting galore over vast regions, we have Dwemer ruins (for more endless caves) and an interesting political climate we can dig into. It would be the wild west of Tamriel and I think there’s a ton of potential in having a story there. 

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While I find it a bit hard to think The Elder Scrolls VI can up capture my heart like Skyrim did, I’m more than ready for this new game. While Skyrim was vast and guaranteed hours upon hours of entertainment and engagement, it has it’s flaws. Where ever the game ends up, Bethesda has the opportunity to give us a more detailed story where our choices truly matter. I will say, I was really, really hoping for Valenwood. This Bosmer lover is ready for the forests and heavy rain. But alas, it looks like it will have to wait. 

Where do you think The Elder Scrolls VI should take place? We have at least 2 years (if not much more) to think about it. Let us know! Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more video game news.



Erin Lynch