Longer, fuller eyelashes need not be something you dream about anymore. Do you envision yourself having the full, healthy lashes with the likes of Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian? That can be very much achievable nowadays, with the latest and various technology of attaching eyelash extensions, easily accessible to any average person like you and me.

Many eyelash extensions salons have emerged and are promoting better equipment, practices, and expertise based on previous clients’ experiences. There are many eyelash extension clinics in Durham, NC that you can explore, but it would be the best idea to find that one that can provide you with the best eyelash extensions and the best service you are looking for.

Durham Eyelash Extensions offers the best eyelash extensions expertise in Durham and other nearby Cary and Raleigh areas. Here are some reasons why Durham Eyelash Extensions is your place to go.

1. You have decided to make your lashes look full, thick, and luscious.

Unlike fake eyelashes, which you can glue on your own lashes, eyelash extensions need a professional’s expertise to manually glue each and every eyelash extension to your natural lashes. Only lash experts from Durham Eyelash Extensions can make your enhanced lashes look fuller and thicker, just like the way you want them to.

2. Having eyelash extensions applied to your natural lashes may have unwanted side effects.

That is why it is essential that you go to a salon with reputable eyelash experts and technicians who practice proper hygiene when taking on clients. Durham Eyelash Extensions lash experts make sure that their hands are clean when accepting clients for eyelash extensions. They wear masks, sterilize their tools, use disposable pillowcases, and disposable brushes to make sure their customers get the best and cleanest eyelash extension procedure they can get.

3. You want to enhance the beauty of your eyes; that is why you want eyelash extensions—getting allergies because it will be such a bummer.

Before you set an eyelash extension application appointment, ask the salon what ingredients they use for the lash adhesive. Ensure that they know precisely what the components of their glue are, or else you are in for eyelid infection. Also, avoid salons that use formaldehyde in their eyelash extension adhesives as this chemical is known to be toxic and an unsafe eye irritant. Durham Eyelash Extensions uses a glue with cyanoacrylates, which is a safer component to use than formaldehyde.

 4. Having your eyelashes enhanced does not come cheap, so find a salon that can give you the greatest value for your money.

Typical eyelash extension application in Durham, NC, costs $100 to $400 for 70 to 80 lash extensions per eye. Add about 20 percent of the amount as a tip for your lash expert. Durham Eyelash Extensions offers expert eyelash applications that help you avoid frequent trips to the salon for fill-ins, which can cost you around $50 to $165 per visit.

Your natural eyelashes grow and fall-out naturally. An average person can lose 20% of natural lashes every two weeks. So, if you have eyelash extensions, you still need to have your lashes filled in every couple of weeks. Make your money count and have your extensions applied only by experts.

 5. Having eyelash extensions can make your eyes feel heavy or irritable sometimes.

A trustworthy eyelash extension salon, like Durham Eyelash Extensions, can offer you heaps of advice on how to take care of your eyelashes as well as your eyes. 

Eyelashes naturally fall off, and so do your eyelash extensions along with it. It is not advisable to protect your eyelash extensions from too much heat outside as the adhesive may tend to melt, making your eyelash extensions fall off. Swimming in pools or at the beach with extensions on is also a big no. Some adhesive may dissolve from chlorine or the salts in water resulting in shedding of some of your eyelash extensions.

Reputable eyelash extension salons like Durham Eyelash Extensions have a better understanding of the right size, length, material, and method that would look best on you. You may go to salons offering loads of discounts and promotions on eyelash extensions, only to be disappointed with the quality of work that you get afterward. It takes a qualified technician not only to attach eyelash extensions efficiently but endorse the appropriate eyelash extensions that would look best based on your face shape, bone structure. It would go well with your natural lashes.

Finding the best eyelash extensions in Durham NC, not only enhances the beauty of your eyes but is also a great confidence-booster that you have found the best eyelash extension service you were looking for.