Netflix is rolling out a new original sci-fi series that is giving young love a whole new shape… literally.  The eight-episode series, The Innocents, focuses on two star-crossed young lovers, June (Sorcha Groundsell) and Harry (Percelle Ascott), who are running from their overbearing families only to find that the real challenges lie in wait.  It turns out June is a shape shifter, and she’s being followed.

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The trailer for this show is pretty exciting and has me looking forward to the series release in a big way.  Guy Pearce plays a ‘mysterious professor’ who thickens the plot when he tells June that there are others like her, and offers cure her of her affliction.  It’s not clear if Pearce’s character has good intentions, but I don’t think that goes well.  Any mirror can tell you who you’re really watching in this show, but it is clear that ‘what you see is not what you see’ and it is very dangerous to be a shape shifter. 

June’s adventure starting a new life in London becomes a LOT more complicated than she could have ever expected. Suddenly she finds herself the subject of a kidnap plot, their intentions unknown. Faced with extreme stress her body and identity begin to shift in ways she could have never imagined. The question is not just how…but why?

The lovers’ journey becomes increasingly dangerous, and the question looms, can love survive?  We shall see, when The Innocents stars streaming on Netflix, August 24th.  I’ll be watching.  Will you?



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