Back before the United States became a nation, the land was inhabited by many indigenous tribes. When settlers and colonists from Europe arrived, they brought with them their traditions and religion. One tradition was Thanksgiving – but it wasn’t what we consider Thanksgiving today. It was a time to give thanks for blessings, from winning a battle to celebrating a harvest to a successful voyage to the New World. In what is regarded in America as the “first Thanksgiving”, the celebration was the Pilgrims’ first successful harvest after their arrival. It was attended by both the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag, the local Native people.

Nowadays, Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated by a vast majority of the populace of the USA. We here at Geek Girl Authority are among them and we are choosing to celebrate with you today. As a whole, we are thankful for you, our readers and followers. It is because of your support that we are able to bring you the latest geeky and nerdy news with our own unique lens. We are extremely happy to share the shows we love, from recaps to breaking news and everything in between. We enjoy sharing with you the books we read, the podcasts we listen to, and the movies based on them. Without you, we wouldn’t be inspired to continue into other media forms, bringing to life our own podcasts and, new this year, a Twitch channel. So THANK YOU for supporting us. You make us want to do what we do.

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Being Thankful in Everything

While we are thankful for you, we are a group of people with our own reasons to be thankful this season. Read through our 2018 geeky blessings and let us know: What are you thankful for this year?

Leona Laurie:

I’m grateful that there’s finally a female Doctor, that NBC rescued Brooklyn Nine-Nineand that there will be new episodes of Steven Universe in December. I’m grateful that the wait for Captain Marvel and the sequel to Infinity War is less than it used to be. But more than my gratitude for any of my geeky pleasures this year, I’m thankful for all the people who made time to vote in the midterms, validating all the hard work invested by people who stepped out of their comfort zones to knock on doors and get involved in the political process for the first time.

Jenny Flack

In addition to the health, family, and general well-being that I am grateful for this year, I would like to express thanks for storytelling. As humans, we bond, celebrate, process, grieve, and connect through stories. I am so grateful for that connection and for the incredible storytellers in my life.

Lorinda Donavan

I’m thankful that geek clothing has become a big thing. Without it I’d be stuck wearing ugly floral-print scarves on my chemo-head. 

Lorinda’s Collection

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Fallon Marie Gannon:

This year in nerd culture, I’m thankful for the Halloween reboot. It was a glorious way to celebrate the movie’s 40th anniversary! And one of my favorite musicals in the whole wide world is finally moving to Broadway AND getting a movie adaption. And I’m really looking for the Twilight Zone reboot with Jordan Peele! I’m also really thankful for all the super cool podcasts I’ve discovered or Audrey has recommended to me this year; especially Blackwood, Death in Ice Valley, Video Palace, Dead Air, and The Diarist.

Erin Lynch:

I’m thankful for all the creators we’ve had in our lifetime that have made geek and nerd culture something to be proud of. It’s because of them we’re all here on this site, being geeky together. I couldn’t ask for a better way to spend my time.

Talyna Morrison:

I’m thankful for the community that geeky culture has been able to create. When I’m feeling down, there’s always someone to help lift my spirits. I’m also thankful that women are openly embracing their love of everything nerdy; I no longer feel like the only girl at the comic shop and game store!

Audrey Kearns:

First of all, as Editor-in-Chief, I’m incredibly thankful for my team at Geek Girl Authority. I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have a group of amazing humans working so hard to share their joy on all things nerdy. Infusing their love into a world that can use a lot of pick-me-ups lately. Four years ago, I couldn’t imagine our reach being what it is today and it’s because of our hard work together.

Second, I love storytelling so much and I grateful to be a fan of it and a part of it on many levels.

Third, I’m grateful to live in a world where five fantasy shows based on some of my favorite books are in development. FIVE! A Middle Earth series, The Kingkiller Chronicle, The Wheel of Time, His Dark Materials and Chronicles of Narnia. I’M EXCITED!

Last but not least, I’m so grateful for my wonderful, nerdy and truly empathetic family. They are perfect.

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On This Day of Thanks

Now that we’ve shared what we’re thankful for, we’re going to gather with our own family and friends and celebrate our blessings. However you celebrate, please do so responsibly. We’ll be right here for you after you’ve finished your meal and whenever you need a break from your relatives!



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