The vampires are slinking closer and closer to premiering on our screens. Today, FX debuted the first full trailer for their new series What We Do in the Shadows, based off the film of the same name. In the trailer, we have a better look at what hijinks the vampires will get up to. They also introduced a new type of vampire, one that many of us may know in our own lives.

The trailer begins with Guillermo (Harvey Guillen) introducing us to his evening ritual. Wait for nightfall, light many candles, and then wake his vampire master, Nandor (Kayvan Novak). But not all is well in the house. There’s issues regarding cleanliness with his vampire roommates Laszlo (Matt Berry) and Nadja (Natasia Demetriou) regarding “half drunk” people in the basement. Typical things that roommates are one to discuss or, in the case of Laszlo and Nandor, fight over. They even have werewolves to contend with, some of which who have decided to pee on their lawn.

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However, there’s one other roommate who doesn’t seem to be involved in the issues of the ancient ones. Colin Robinson (Mark Proksch) is much more of a loner, given what he is. An energy vampire. He’s sustained by boring people with long conversations or enraging them. Sound like anyone you know? Colin fits right in with his job at a small office, going from co-worker to co-worker to get his fill.

The trailer is so much fun! Anyone who enjoyed the humor of the film is going to feel right at home with these new vampires. While the creators of the film, Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement are involved in executive producing, directing, and writing, it’s unclear if their own characters from the film will make an appearance. Personally I’m really holding out hope that we have a crossover episode with them. It may not happen but I can cross my fingers, right? I also must say that I am loving the relationship of Nandor and Guillermo. They’re just so cute together. Who else is ready for some vampiric chaos?

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think! Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more supernatural fun.

What We Do in the Shadows is a half-hour comedy series based on the feature film of the same name by co-creators Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi. Set in New York City, the show follows three vampires who have been roommates for hundreds and hundreds of years. Stars Matt Berry, Kayvan Novak, Natasia Demetriou, Harvey Guillen and Mark Proksch.

What We Do in the Shadows debuts on FX Wednesday, March 27th, 2019.



Erin Lynch