Time to cause some trouble What We Do In The Shadows. In “A Night Out With The Guys,” Nandor (Kayvan Novak) and Laszlo (Matt Berry) go out on the town with the guys while Guillermo (Harvey Guillén) seeks advice about his vampire problem. Nadja (Natasia Demetriou) feels like the world is against her.

Nandor and Laszlo discuss the use of hypnosis. Laszlo considers it classless and only uses it to cover up Nandor’s messiness. He uses his charm to get out of sticky situations created by Nandor. Nandor mentions that Laszlo uses it on Sean (Anthony Atamanuik), the neighbor. Laszlo doesn’t feel so bad about that. He’s basically one of the guys. Nandor is Sean’s friend too, but only because Sean is a nice guy.


Nadja is convinced the world is working against her. And it all started when her nightclub burned down. That made her drink a lot of liquor blood, which no one told her to slow down. And now her Dolly’s body is all mangled. Colin Robinson (Mark Proksch), Nandor, Laszlo, and Dolly all remind Nadja that all of these things happened because of Nadja. Nadja set the nightclub on fire. They all tried to tell her to slow down on drinking liquor blood. Because she drank too much liquor blood, she sat on Dolly.  

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Nadja starts crying, saying it will never end. Nandor has a solution though. Laszlo steals his thunder and says Nandor is going to suggest hypnosis. Nandor disagrees and says the atmosphere in the room isn’t conducive to positive contribution so he says forget it.

The Guide (Kristen Schaal) shows up, saying she’s been at the Vampiric Council, waiting for all of them to return. The vampires seem to ignore her. She tells production that it’s hard to break into a vampire clique. They told her they aren’t allowed to have a fifth vampire in the mansion due to zoning restrictions. 

Kristen Schaal returns as The Guide in What We Do In The Shadows season 5

“WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS” — “A Night Out with the Guys” — Season 5, Episode 2 (Airs July 13) — Pictured: Kristen Schaal as The Guide. CR: Russ Martin: FX


Laszlo and Nandor leave to go out on the town with Sean and his human friends Mikey (Andy Hull) and Frank (Gavin Fox). Sean makes an observation that he’s never seen Laszlo and Nandor eat or drink anything. Nandor tries to answer, without saying he’s a vampire that drinks blood. Laszlo covers for them both, saying they pregame before going out and don’t eat so they don’t throw up on everyone.

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While the humans discuss human stuff, Laszlo addresses Nandor about Gizmo, aka Guillermo. He says Gizmo has been off lately. Nandor thinks it’s because he hasn’t given Guillermo enough work to do. Laszlo has another theory, but no evidence to back it up. 

Mikey starts putting ice in his wine, making Sean mad. Mike says it’s how they do things in France and Frank backs him up. Sean and Frank start fighting about it and break a window. Nandor and Laszlo think it’s time to leave and they try to collect the guys. The bartender calls the police.


A cop walks up and turns out to be an old classmate of Sean, Mikey and Frank’s. Laszlo turns on the charm, saying the guys speak highly of the cop and he couldn’t wait to meet him. Meanwhile, Sean is tying the cop’s shoelaces together. He pushes over the cop and everyone runs away. They meet Frank, who stole a cop car and drives away from the restaurant.

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Frank crashes the police car, but everyone is okay. Mikey didn’t even spill his wine. Laszlo says it’s time to call it a night, but things get progressively worse. First Mikey starts playing on the walkie. Then Frank finds Terry’s gun and starts shooting it in the air. So of course the police show up.

The humans run away. Nandor turns into a bat, but comes back when Laszlo doesn’t change. Laszlo says he’s not a coward. The police surround Laszlo and Nandor and pull their guns on them. Nandor tries to explain what’s happening and does a really bad job of it. Laszlo takes over and tries to charm them. They all end up in jail.


Nadja whines to the Guide about all of her problems, including that she doesn’t have any female friends. The Guide tries to hint that she is a female friend, but Nadja doesn’t pick up on it. The Guide suggests that Nadja is hexed. She asks if Nadja has been unkind to anyone lately, but Nadja truly believes she has never been unkind.

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The Guide uses dowsing rods to locate the spirits. She finds an old picture on the bookcase and hands it to Nadja. Nadja recognizes the woman in the photos as Yiaya Neikia from Antipaxos. She says Yiaya was a very bad luck woman and tears up the photos. Another photo appears and Nadja throws it into the fire. Another photo appears and now Nadja knows things are bad.

Nadja admits that she is hexed. On the frame of the picture, there is writing in Antipaxos, but it’s been so long, Nadja can’t read it anymore. She asks Colin Robinson to help translate on his computer. He agrees, and then suggests she could go to Little Antipaxos to have it translated. Little Antipaxos is literally up the street from the mansion.


Derek consoles Guillermo on What We Do In The Shadows

“WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS” — “A Night Out with the Guys” — Season 5, Episode 2 (Airs July 13) — Pictured (L-R): Chris Sandiford as Derek, Harvey Guillén as Guillermo. CR: Russ Martin: FX

Guillermo is with Derek (Chris Sandiford), discussing why Guillermo isn’t a full vampire yet. Derek says things are different for everyone. He asks if Guillermo tried turning into a bat. Guillermo has tried, but only turns his ears into bat wings.

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Guillermo goes to the Baron (Doug Jones) and the Sire for help. He says his friend was made a vampire, but is not a vampire. Neither the Baron or the Sire have ever heard of a thing. The Sire says that maybe repeating the making process with another vampire will help. 

To test out the theory, they go to the Baron’s neighbor, Jonathan (Justin Landry). The Baron turned Jonathan into a vampire because he made too much noise during the day. The Baron asks Derek and Jonathan to bite each other. Afterward, he asks Jonathan how he feels. Jonathan says he feels fine but then he explodes. 


While in jail, Laszlo says this is a good time for hypnosis. Nandor tells him to go ahead and do it. Laszlo confesses that he’s not very good at hypnosis and has always been envious of Nandor’s skills. He admits that Nandor is the only one who can get them out of this situation.

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Later, Nandor and Laszlo walk out of the police station with Sean, Frank and Mikey. Nandor explains that he convinced Laszlo to use his notorious charm to get them all out. All of the cops salute the guys as they walk by. What actually happened is that Nandor hypnotized the entire police force. He told them that they solved all of the crimes committed by Sean, Frank and Mike. And even got them to promote their cop friend to Captain. And he told them he was Captain Sully Sullenberger and Laszlo is Tom Selleck. 


Nadja, the Guide and Colin Robinson all go to Little Antipaxos and Nadja feels like she’s back at home. She even tries the food and it makes her throw up. Nadja is so happy that she punches Colin Robinson for not telling her about the neighborhood sooner.

They find a diner where Nadja immediately fits in and the Guide feels left out. Turns out the writing on the picture frame translates to “A simple act of kindness, compassion and friendship will remove the hexes that is on top of your head.” Nadja vows to start being kind, welcoming, inclusive and sensitive to others…except to the Guide.

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Police cars, escorting a tank pull up to the diner. Minutes later an uber drives up behind the caravan. Laszlo and Nandor get out of the tank. Guillermo gets out of the uber. Nandor heads inside of the diner, but the cops stop Guillermo from following. Laszlo saves him, saying he’s with them. 


Laszlo tells Guillermo that they have a problem. He’s been watching Gizmo and he knows he’s off. If he tries to keep his secret any longer, it will remain a problem. Guillermo says he had no choice. Nandor talked about turning him into a vampire for 12 years and it hasn’t come true. That’s why he went to his friend Derek. 

Laszlo is shocked. He thought Guillermo had diarrhea. He calls Guillermo an idiot for letting someone who is not his master turn him into a vampire. Guillermo reveals that he’s not showing any signs of being a vampire and asks Laszlo not to tell Nandor. Laszlo says this is the greatest humiliation for any vampire and he doesn’t know if Nandor would survive it. 

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Laszlo comes up with the idea to convince Nandor to turn Gizmo. This way Nandor believes he is the only vampire to turn him. Guillermo remembers what happened to Jonathan and tells Laszlo that it won’t work. All Laszlo can say is that Gizmo is effed.

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