It’s about to get crazy on What We Do in the Shadows. In “The Casino” the vampires take a trip to Atlantic City but run into some trouble when they can’t sleep. 

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The neighbors, Sean (Anthony Atamanuik) and Charmaine (Marissa Jaret Winokur) invite the vampires to their anniversary weekend in Atlantic City. Despite having a backlog of work to do at the Vampiric Council, the vampires are excited to go. They pack everything, including soil from their homelands that will help them sleep. 

When they get to Atlantic City, they join the humans at dinner. One of the guests falls out of his chair, spilling his drink and lots of dishes. Nadja (Natasia Demetriou) orders Gizmo, I mean Guillermo (Harvey Guillén) to get a broom. He’s not a familiar anymore, he’s a bodyguard, but Nadja and Laszlo (Matt Berry) don’t care. Guillermo says the transition to bodyguard isn’t really a transition. 

While Guillermo is gone, Nandor (Kayvan Novak) reminds Nadja and Nandor of Guillermo’s status. He asks them to treat Guillermo as part of the team. Colin Robinson (Mark Proksch) agrees saying they are all family. When Guillermo returns, Nadja asks if he has any interests. Of course he does. Nadja’s point is that they are the same because they have interests. Laszlo wants to know about Guillermo’s sex life, but that’s private. Sex is all Laszlo wants to talk about. Guillermo decides to open up to the vampires.

Sean announces to the table that someone put glass in their food so the casino comped their food and gave them a bunch of casino chips. Everyone gets up to head to the casino floor, leaving Guillermo by himself.


Nadja joins Charmaine at the Rat Pack concert, thinking it’s really them. She used to hang out with the real Rat Pack back in the day. While they sing, Nadja yells at them, asking if they remember her. After the concert, they go backstage and the performers don’t say anything but the Rat Pack’s catch phrases. 

Colin plays Blackjack and bores the table to sleep. Nandor finds a slot game with the Big Bang Theory on it. When he wins the jackpot, he screams “Bazinga!” The war cry of Sheldon, the tall leader. Guillermo has to pull him away to make him go to bed. 

The vampires are having a hard time sleeping and find that their soil is gone. Colin says housekeeping must have vacuumed the soil. They did and he was in the room when it happened. He was watching a casino program while they were there.

Nandor decides to send Guillermo on a dangerous quest. But first he needs money to send him. Laszlo asks Sean for one of his credit cards and Sean slides it over without asking any questions. They send Guillermo to Europe to get more soil.

While Guillermo is gone, the vampires are losing their powers. They are weak and can’t hypnotize anyone. Colin Robinson says it’s only been 14 hours. He’s not affected by the lack of sleep though. 


Colin Robinson ignores the staff on What We Do in the Shadows

“WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS” — “The Casino” — Season 3, Episode 4 (Airs September 16) — Pictured: Mark Proksch as Colin Robinson. CR: Russ Martin: FX

Guillermo stops in London first to get soil for Laszlo. Laszlo feels bad for taking Sean’s money. He tries to talk to him about it, but Sean is busy yelling at a basketball game. Sean admits he has a gambling problem and he keeps losing. This makes Laszlo feel even worse. 

Guillermo heads to Greece next for Nadja. Nadja tries to seduce the Rat Pack performers into giving her all of their money. They don’t want to deal with her and hand over about $300. Laszlo is with her and realizes this is not the real Rat Pack. 

Guillermo’s last stop is in Iran for Nandor. Nandor went back to the Big Bang Theory game to play while Colin takes polaroids of the game. Nandor asks why the show is called the Big Bang Theory. Colin explains that it’s in reference to the creation of the universe. 

Colin teaches Nandor about physics. He draws formulas and planets on the wall of the hotel room to show Nandor what he’s talking about. Nandor draws turtles. Nandor realizes that everything he knows about the world is a lie. He goes to the hotel roof contemplating his existence. He’s all alone in the cold dark universe like a little grain of furry sand. 

Guillermo returns to a room full of depressed vampires. He says they all need to slumber and sets the soil next to their bodies. As the vampires sleep, Guillermo comes up with a plan. When they wake up, they are cranky, but mostly back to normal. Guillermo starts to tell them his plan, but Nadja and Laszlo yell at him. So he forgoes telling them the plan, only for them to ask him to go over it again. 

THE PLAN (Ocean’s Eleven style)

There is a boxing match at the hotel that evening. At 6:52, Nandor gets in the elevator with one of the boxers to hypnotize him. At 6:55 pm, Laszlo encounters the other boxer to hypnotize him. Colin places his bet at 6:59 pm. They all take their seats at the fight at 8 pm. Ten seconds into round six, Nadja triggers the hypnosis by singing “Kick in the Head.” One of the boxers knocks off the head of the other boxer. 

Colin collects his winnings. The vampires conquer the escalator to find Sean on the casino floor. They give all of the winnings to Sean. Laszlo’s payback. Sean says they saved his life and he’s not going to gamble it away. As soon as the vampires leave, Sean starts gambling. 

As they leave, the vampires give Guillermo a note that says “you are a very good familiar.” Familiar is crossed out and bodyguard is written underneath. 

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