What We Do In The Shadows has a vampire hunting group now and Guillermo is their best fighter.  In “The Curse,”  Guillermo (Harvey Guillén) tries to derail a vampire hunt while Nandor (Kayvan Novak) tries to use email to correspond.  

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Nandor kept every letter he’s ever received.  He liked receiving letters, but no one writes letters anymore. So he decides it time to get an email address so he can correspond with people.  Guillermo tries to show him how to use the computer, but Nandor is certain he can figure it out. Until it goes to sleep.  Guillermo heads out to run errands and Nandor requests some Tide pens for his blood-stained clothes. 

Guillermo actually goes back to the vampire hunter meeting. He decided to infiltrate the group and sabotage their plans to kill vampires. It’s the only way he can keep his master safe. Claude (Craig Robinson) decides their training is over and it’s time for their first vampire hunt.   Shanice (Veronika Slowikowska) found a house on Staten Island where vampires live.  Guillermo freaks out thinking they found his Master and starts hyperventilating. 

Nandor checks his hotmail and finds two new emails. One from Fandango and the other from someone trying to curse him.  He has until sunrise to send the email to ten people or Bloody Mary will kill him.  If he lifts the curse, he will find unforeseen riches.   Nandor yells for Laszlo (Matt Berry) and Nadja (Natasia Demetriou) to help him. Nadja is very familiar with different kinds of curses.  She and her creepy doll describe a few that they have personally seen.  

Vampire hunter Derek (Chris Sandiford) provides the van for the group to transport their weapons to the vampire coven.  Claude says Derek’s mom needs the van first thing in the morning so they have to hurry.  Guillermo goes along to try and stop them.

At the house, Nadja yells at Nandor for opening the cursed email.  Laszlo calms her down saying all they have to do is send it to ten email addresses, but they don’t know any other email addresses.  Nandor got an email from Fandango so that’s one friend.  And Laszlo found a business card on the door with an email address, so that’s two friends. 

Meanwhile, Guillermo decides to call the house to warn his master.  When the phone rings, the vampires have no idea what the ringing is or where it’s coming from.  They miss the call so the answering machine picks up.  Guillermo tells them to get out of the house or they are going to die, causing the vampires to think that it’s Bloody Mary calling them. 

Nandor goes back to the computer to find more email addresses.  Nadja wants to send the email back to Bloody Mary and gets a return email from MAILER DAEMON! They’re really in trouble now. The vampires ask Colin Robinson (Mark Proksch) for his email address.  He knows about the curses and is excited to send it out to the people at work.  He rambles on before giving them his email address.  Colin continues to ramble before the vampire just leave his room. 

The vampire hunters arrive at their destination and it’s not Guillermo’s house!  He’s so happy!  He heads out with the group, warning them that there could be real people in there and they are breaking and entering.  They easily find the key to the front door under a flower pot and go inside. Once inside they split up into groups.  

Shanice and Guillermo go upstairs and find two people asleep in a bedroom. If they were vampires, they’d be awake right?  Shanice agrees and starts talking about the glow in the dark stars on the ceiling.  While she is talking, the two people in the beds rise…like floating in the air rise.  Guillermo says they need to go and a set of twin girls appear behind them. The girls ask where they are going and smile at Guillermo and Shanice.  They are vampires!  Vampires jump out everywhere and attack the hunters. Guillermo drags Shanice through the house, trying to find a way out. 

Guillermo finds the others and tries to get them all out of the house. There are at least a dozen vampires.  He runs outside alone. He runs back inside to save the others. Guillermo finds everyone and kills every vampire in his path.  He finds Shanice upstairs and they are surrounded by vampires.  Guillermo pushes Shanice out of a window and jumps out after her to get away.  They run back to the van, all except the Derek.  The group leaves and Claude reminds them that they still have to return the van to Derek’s mom.  

Nandor finds ten email addresses and removes the curse.  As soon as he’s done, someone knocks at the door.  They think it’s Bloody Mary, but it’s just Guillermo.  He has the Tide sticks and came back with Nandor’s change.  Nandor considers it unforeseen riches meaning the curse is lifted!

The vampires retire for the night. Nandor says Guillermo’s machine put them in serious danger.  He was really scared and asks Guillermo to sit with him for a little bit.  Nandor admits he doesn’t want to die in his sleep.  There are too many stories of vampires being murder and he’s not as fearless as he used to be.  Nandor closes his casket and Guillermo leaves.  Nandor yells that he’s not asleep yet, so Guillermo sits down with a Tide stick to get out the vampire blood on his shirt. 

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