Chaos ensues on What We Do In The Shadows. In “Brain Scramblies”, the vampires attend their first Super Bowl party. And Guillermo’s (Harvey Guillén) search for virgins takes an interesting turn.

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The neighbors, Shaun (Anthony Atamanuik) and Charmaine (Marissa Jaret Winokur) invite the vampires to a “Superb Owl” party and the house is excited. Colin Robinson (Mark Proksch) knows it’s a Super Bowl party, but the others refuse to believe it’s anything but a party honoring the Superb Owl.  Nadja (Natasia Demetriou) is excited to touch the owl’s beak. 

Things get crazy at the Superb Owl party.  Nadja meets Shaun’s mother Joan (Sondra James), who she used to play with when Joan was a child.  Nadja discovers that Joan took a necklace that Nadja’s mother gave to her. The necklace contains the last curling screams of her dead mother. Nadja tears up the house looking for the necklace.

While Colin feeds on the party guests, Nandor (Kayvan Novak) and Laszlo (Matt Berry) are alarmed when Shaun mentions he only see the duo at night. Shaun jokingly suggests they are vampires.  They consider killing him but decide to hypnotize him into forgetting instead. The hypnosis goes wrong though and Shaun forgets everything.  This is a level three over-hypnosis known as the “brain scramblies.”  

The only thing you can do for someone with the brain scramblies is put them out of their misery.  Nandor is prepared to kill Shaun, but Laszlo really doesn’t like it.  Nadja agrees with Nandor, so Laszlo asks that they give Shaun a magical night before killing him.

Their idea of a magical night is to show Shaun everything they can do. Flying, crawling on walls, and BAT!  Shaun freaks out, scared of the vampires…since he knows they are real now.  But for the vampires, this is a good thing and they are very proud of themselves.

Guillermo makes some new friends on What We Do In The Shadows

What We Do In The Shadows – Brain Scramblies – Craig Robinson as Claude and Harvey Guillén as Guillermo. Image Source: FX

Guillermo goes in search of virgins for his master at a Mosquito Club meeting, led by Claude (Craig Robinson).  The mosquito club is code for vampire hunters.  Coincidence?  I think not.  However, the vampire hunters admit that they haven’t actually seen a vampire. One of the girls has…Shanice (Veronika Slowikowska). She tells the club that her roommate was turned into a vampire and vanished.  Before that, the roommate was a larper.  Guillermo knows exactly who Shanice is talking about.  Jenna (Beanie Feldstein) was Shanice’s roommate.  Nadja turned her into a vampire in season one…just for fun.  

Shanice is sad about Jenna and wants revenge on the vampires who turned her.  That makes Guillermo sad too. He’s never really thought about the victims’ families and friends who might miss them. He decides to leave the meeting, but they are doing some crossbow target practice. The group set up mannequins dressed as vampires to practice on.  Guillermo takes a hold of the crossbow and quickly shoots the mannequins, hitting them all in the head with an arrow.  The group is impressed, but Guillermo runs away, afraid of the coincidental circumstances. They ask him to come back the next week.  Claude says he hopes to see Guillermo again and calls him a really cool dude.  

The vampires take Shaun home and prepare to kill him.  Shaun is practically catatonic until he sees Charmaine.  He tells her that he wants to spend his life making her happy and gives her a necklace…Nadja’s necklace.  Nadja tries to get it back, but Laszlo stops her. They find the whole situation sweet and let Shaun live. They grab Colin and head home.  Nandor says their first Superb Owl party was a success, even though the owl never showed up. 

Nadja visits Joan one last time and tells her she has the gift of eternal life. Joan asks for the gift, wanting to be young again, but Nadja says she would be forever old. So Joan passes this time.

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