BAT! The cast and crew of What We Do in the Shadows took a bite out of Season Three at NYCC 2021 on Sunday, dissecting fan-favorite episodes such as “The Cloak of Duplication,” “Gail,” “The Casino,” “The Escape” and “The Siren.”

Joining in on the escapades were cast members Matt Berry (Laszlo), Harvey Guillén (Guillermo), Natasia Demetriou (Nadja) and Kayvan Novak (Nandor), who was visiting virtually. Showrunner Paul Simms, co-executive producer Yana Gorskaya and writer Sarah Naftalis also sat on the panel. 

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We learn that Novak is quite the gifted impersonator, doling out pitch-perfect impressions of Laszlo and Colin Robinson in “The Cloak of Duplication.” He gives the panel attendees a taste of both impersonations, and Demetriou also blesses us with her stellar Colin Robinson voice.

Yes, that werewolf kickball scene in “Gail” was inspired by Twilight, and the six feet of snow wasn’t planned when they shot that scene. Chalk that up to Torontonian winters!

Naftalis delves into the inspiration behind “The Casino” — casinos are naturally dark places, creating a perfect atmosphere for vampires. Simms reveals they almost couldn’t use The Big Bang Theory slot machine, but, thankfully, Chuck Lorre swooped in at the last minute and gave the show his blessing. 

Simms dives into bringing Doug Jones back for episode six, “The Escape.” The writers decided they couldn’t do The Sire storyline without addressing that all of our core vampires would’ve died if Baron Afanas did. Jones shot scenes while stuck in a couch from the waist down, and sometimes the Baron was a puppet. 

Additionally, Simms clears the air regarding The Sire. “That was a very talented stunt person wearing a costume,” he says. 

What We Do in the Shadows

“WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS” — “Gail” — Season 3, Episode 3 (Airs September 9) — Pictured (l-r): Natasia Demetriou as Nadja, Matt Berry as Laszlo, Kayvan Novak as Nandor, Harvey Guillén as Guillermo, Mark Proksch as Colin Robinson. CR: Russ Martin: FX

Berry informs the crowd that he didn’t know what Best Buy was despite filming in one for “The Siren.” He also confirms something we all knew — he can transform into a bat. Called it!

Guillén rates difficulty level while working with notable animals in the series. According to him, Black Peter the goat was the worst because he kept eating the set. Coming in second place is the hellhound (golden retriever), and the easiest animal was Sam the cat, which kept Guillén warm on those cold winter days. 

Oh, and guess how many sweaters Guillermo owns? Only five to six!

Simms teases an episode in Season Four that’s an ambitious undertaking, boasting different creatures to add to What We Do in the Shadows’ intricate mythos. 

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This panel is all BAT and a bag of chips, and I can’t wait to watch the remainder of Season Three!

WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS Recap (S03E07): The Siren



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