Things get flipped on What We Do In the Shadows. In “Go Flip Yourself,” the house gets a makeover courtesy of Laszlo’s (Matt Berry) favorite home improvement show.

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All season, Laszlo has been watching the show Go Flip Yourself to get tips on how to fix the mansion. Lucky for him, the show selected his home for renovation. As soon as twin hosts Toby (Jason Sklar) and Bran Daltry (Randy Sklar) arrive in Staten Island, Nadja (Natasia Demetriou) kills Toby. The vampires hypnotize Bran and his crew so he thinks that Toby is sick and goes home. Guillermo (Harvey Guillén) and Nandor (Kayvan Novak) bury Toby in the backyard.

This episode plays out like the home improvement show. The narrator tells us that the house is 8474 square feet. Laszlo thinks he needs more storage space for him and his nephew Baby Colin Robinson (Mark Proksch). Nandor and Marwa (Parisa Fakhri) don’t have enough kitchen space and need an updated master bedroom. And the house is too small for Guillermo and Nadja, especially since they also work together. 

Laszlo is excited to have Bran at his house on What We Do In the Shadows

“WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS” — ‘Go Flip Yourself” — Season 4, Episode 8 (Airs August 23) — Pictured: (l-r) Matt Berry as Laszlo, Randy Sklar as Bran Daltry. CR: Russ Martin/FX

Laszlo finds a flannel shirt to wear especially for this episode. He’s ready to change anything, no matter the cost. Bran’s first idea is to break down all the walls on the first floor and create an open concept living space, with lots of natural light. Then he wants to change Laszlo and Nadja’s storage space … where their coffins lie … and create a his/her walk-in closet with a shelf for Nadja-doll and a large hat rack for Laszlo’s hats. And for Nandor, a man cave; with a sign that says “Home is where the Wine is.”. Nadja and Guillermo think it’s all a bad idea, until Bran offers Nadja a gold toilet. She doesn’t even use the bathroom but likes the idea of a golden throne.

Guillermo tries to talk some sense into the vampires, but they are overwhelmed with excitement. This is Laszlo’s favorite show and he wants the full treatment. Nandor is too busy thinking about his man cave and Marwa agrees with everything he says. In the end, they decide to embrace their space. 

Before they get to work, Bran tells the vampires that they will also re-landscape the yard. Guillermo excuses himself to clean up the backyard a little bit. Toby gets the group started with the demolition. Baby Colin Robinson and Guillermo enjoy tearing down the walls. They all pitch in getting rid of old things. 

Things are going well until the city stops construction. The city doesn’t consider Guillermo’s room an actual room. It’s more of a hidey-hole. They have to reallocate the budget to create an actual room for Guillermo. That means they have to get rid of the golden toilet and the man cave sign to create a safe and livable room. 

Nandor is ready to enjoy his man cave on What We Do In the Shadows

“WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS” — ‘Go Flip Yourself” — Season 4, Episode 8 (Airs August 23) — Pictured: (l-r) Kayvan Novak as Nandor, Randy Sklar as Bran Daltry. CR: Russ Martin/FX

Marwa helps to complete the man cave and Nandor loves it. Marwa also insists on breaking in the new bean bag chair for Nandor. She tells him to check the lock on the door to make sure he likes it. The lock works on the sound proof room. Nandor tells Bran about his wish that Marwa liked the same things he did. And she does. And now he thinks she built the man cave for herself.

The house is complete, but it looks exactly the same inside and outside, except with more candles and home decor. Bran takes them to the walk-in closet that he promised. Nadja realizes that none of her things are in there. Neither is Laszlo’s cursed witches’ skin hat. That’s because Bran is wearing the hat. And it’s not Bran, it’s Simon the Devious (Nick Kroll).

Simon the Devious devised the entire plan. He created, pitched, sold, produced and filmed 150 episodes of Go Flip Yourself to regain access to the mansion. All to steal Laszlo’s hat. And the entire production crew are Simon’s crew. Even Elvis is among the crew. As for Toby, he was a regular guy. He was a navy flight instructor, with three children. Simon convinced him to be a part of the show and helped him get training in design. 

Laszlo thinks the whole ploy is stupid and will never air. Simon says it will in about two years. For now he wins and his crew flies away. Simon tries to follow but flies into the window. Nadja blames it on the hat. Neither Simon nor Laszlo believe the hat is cursed. 

Simon’s film crew keeps filming. The vampires want them to leave, but they still need pre-credit footage. The house gets $1200 for completing the episode. They tell the crew that now the hat is gone, things around the house have improved. And on the next Go Flip Yourself, Bran consults his next clients with the witches hat on. He turns on the new stove and the house blows up. 

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