The holidays are just around the corner, and it’s time to do some serious shopping. Whether it’s for the co-leader of the Vampiric Council or just an aspiring vampire, we’ve got the perfect gifts for every What We Do in the Shadows fan on your list! Let’s dive in!

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Official Merchandise

What We Do in the Shadows Mug

The official FX website is a great place to start. They have all kinds of shirts, posters and even blankets available. But the highlight, in my opinion, is the mug selection. There’s an energy vampire mug for those office workers that need their colleagues to know exactly what they’re getting themselves into. There are multiple mugs with wrap-around poster art, with the season three car-poster as my absolute favorite.


One of my favorite spots for nerdy attire in varying levels of subtlety is Jordandene. They’re a Brooklyn-based, women-owned company that has products covering pretty much every fandom you can think of. Right now, they just have one What We Do in the Shadows shirt, but it’s a good one. It features Nadja’s (Natasia Demetriou) quote from way back in season one: “I don’t want these virgins, they’re going to taste too sad.”

If you’re shopping for a fan of the original 2014 movie, Jordandene also has shirts and totes letting everyone know they’re “dead but delicious.” They also offer limited edition monthly designs, so keep an eye out for more in the future!


Next up is, of course, Etsy. It’s the perfect spot to find literally anything you’re looking for, especially when it comes to great, often handmade, fandom gifts. Is your What We Do in the Shadows fan also a music lover? How about this incredible shirt featuring Laszlo (Matt Berry) and Nadja in the style of Fleetwood Mac‘s Rumors?!

Pins for What We Do in the Shadows.

Are you choosing a gift for Guillermo’s biggest fan? Try this Guillermo de la Cruz (Harvey Guillen) Vampire Bodyguard Extraordinaire poster! Or this pin with Guillermo embracing his slayer/bodyguard nature.

Want to help your loved one recreate the opening credits in their very own home? TutAlexandria has prints of all the portraits and photos featured, including Guillermo’s Interview With the Vampire cosplay, Nadja as a bat and Colin Robinson (Mark Proksch) ‘s birthday party polaroid. They also have plenty of doll-Nadja merch too!

A small pin with Matt Berry as Laszlo Cravensworth disguised as Jackie Daytona. Yellow letters read "Jackie Daytona" across the top. Black letters read "Regular human bartender" along the bottom.

If you’re shopping for a Jackie Daytona fan, why not get them a set of fantastic coasters or this pin featuring everyone’s favorite regular human bartender? It’s taking every ounce of self-control I have not to buy this fantastic shirt for myself!

How many What We Do in the Shadows fans are on your shopping list? You’ll definitely be able to find every one of them the perfect gift here. What other fandoms are you shopping for? Let us know below!

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