On What We Do in the Shadows, life is too short to live a miserable life, even for a vampire. In “A Farewell,” Nandor (Kayvan Novak) makes a serious decision about his life as the house celebrates Colin Robinson’s (Mark Proksch) 100th birthday.

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Nandor has been depressed all season. Last week, Guillermo (Harvey Guillén) pulled him away from the only happiness he’s ever known. So Nandor decides the only solution is to go into a super slumber.  Nadja (Natasia Demetriou), Laszlo (Matt Berry) and Colin Robinson cry as they say their goodbyes. Colin Robinson is mostly sad that Nandor is going to miss his 100th birthday party. Guillermo tries to talk him out of it. Nandor will not let anyone change his mind. He enters his coffin and plans to sleep for the next 800 years.

The Guardian (Kristen Schaal) arrives to let the house know that the international vampiric council is sending an envoy to check in on the new co-leaders. They are due to arrive the same night as Colin’s birthday party. Guillermo wakes up Nandor to let him know about the envoy, but Nandor doesn’t care. He wants to sleep.

Later that night, Guillermo announces the guests including Donel Logue, the actor. Apparently he liked playing a vampire so much in Blade that he became one afterward. The night is going well until one of the vampires, Contessa Carmilla De Morney (Khandi Alexander) asks about Nandor. Nadja lies and says she killed Nandor to secure her position as leader. The other vampires are impressed and ask to see Nandor’s body.

Guillermo runs to Nandor and wakes him up again. Nandor is annoyed by the request but compiles. While they examine the body, Dominykas the Dreadful (David Cross) mentions a rumor that Nandor has a large member. They all request to see it and Guillermo has to comply, despite his protests. Nandor is super annoyed after they all leave.


Laszlo makes sure everyone signs Colin Robinson’s birthday card and gives a touching toast to the energy vampire. They send the vampiric council to another room for adult games. Nadja asks Laszlo why he’s so into Colin Robinson’s birthday. 

Laszlo says while he and Colin Robinson were searching for information on Energy vampires, he found something. He found that energy vampires have a set lifespan of 100 years. Colin Robinson is dying. Colin interrupts to say he’s going to lay down, because his stomach is hurting. 

Nadja, Laszlo and Guillermo check in on Colin and he’s looking really pale. He asks for a glass of ginger ale. Before Guillermo leaves to get that glass, he lets Colin know how he truly feels about him. Guillermo runs to Nandor, who’s still awake to let him know that Colin Robinson is dying. 

Nandor gets up and goes to Colin’s side, but it’s too late. Laszlo says Colin is gone. Nandor doesn’t believe it because Colin has done this before. He tells them that he’s dying to get attention and they fall for it every time. Nandor yells at Colin Robinson to wake up and even threatens to tickle him. He goes to punch Colin and his fist goes through Colin’s head. Colin Robinson is dead.

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