One of the most popular franchises to come out of Japan is Pokémon. Pokémon has gripped the imaginations of gamers throughout the world like a fever. And the Pokémon fever transcends age, race, and gender. We all love those powerful creatures, so much as that we were all willing to go out into the world to find them, with our phones held aloft, looking slightly ridiculous.

Pokémon Trading Card Game

Now that the Pokémon Go craze has passed, you’ve probably gone back to playing regular Pokémon video games. Or maybe you’re happily playing games at some of Japan’s latest online casinos? But what about the Pokémon trading card game? Have you ever played it? And if not, why not? The Pokémon trading card game is not just for kids – it’s a game for everyone.

The first Pokémon (or pocket monsters) cards came into existence in 1996. Since then, over 34 billion cards have been sold throughout the world. There are four types of Pokémon trading cards: Basic Pokémon, Evolved Pokémon, Energy, and Trainer. Each type of card can affect gameplay in different ways. In order to play the game, you need a deck of Pokémon cards that contain all four types, but energy cards should make up at least a third of the deck. Ideally, you should have 60 cards to a deck.

The Set Up

Each player should have 7 cards. Within those 7 cards, there must be a basic Pokémon. If you don’t have a basic card, you’ll need to replace your 7 cards with another 7 cards and keep doing so until one of your cards is a basic card. Players should then take another 6 cards and place them face down and keep them to the side. These 6 cards are called ‘Prize’ cards. Every time you win a battle, you can pick up one of your prize cards. Whoever manages to pick up all of their prize cards is the winner. You also win if you manage to defeat all of your opponent’s Pokémon (and your opponent runs out of cards).

The Battles

This is where it gets complicated. Each Pokémon card has specific attributes that make it more or less powerful. You can only attack an opponent if your Pokémon has enough energy to do so. You also have to consider your opponent’s weaknesses and strengths, and their level of resistance, and the amount of damage your Pokémon can actually inflict. It’s a bit like playing Top Trumps, but better.

The Trades

The Pokémon trading card game is popular throughout Japan. It’s a fun family game, and it’s also an extremely popular playground game. Most Pokémon cards are bought in closed packs of 5 to 7 cards, so you never know exactly which cards you’re going to get, but you’ll find plenty of players willing to trade duplicates for cards they want or need. You’ll also find players who are willing to sell their cards in bulk. Buying in bulk presents an excellent opportunity to find rare and sought-after cards, and you’ll be in a much better position when it comes to bargaining for a specific card.

The Ongoing Appeal

The appeal of Pokémon is still as strong today as it ever was. And with each new TV series, video game, and movie, come new Pokémon’s with new powers and extraordinary abilities, which means that there are always new Pokémon cards to collect and trade. It’s a game that is constantly evolving and changing to meet the new generation of pocket monsters, so you’ll never get bored of playing the game.

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