Captain Carter is her name! On Tuesday, Marvel unveiled the first in a series of posters inspired by its upcoming animated outing, What If…? UK artist Freya Betts (@freyabettsart) created stunning artwork of Peggy Carter, a.k.a. Captain Carter, in a poster that’s reminiscent of a World War II banner.

Out with the old, in with the new. Peggy is sporting a suit similar to the Cap we know save for the Union Jack flag design emblazoned across her chest and on her shield. Perhaps the most interesting aspect is that it looks like someone peeled back a Captain America poster to find Captain Carter underneath. 

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Of course, Marvel fans worldwide are more familiar with Captain Britain, also known as Brian Braddock. Captain Britain made his comic book debut in October 1976. Maybe Captain Carter will share traits with both Britain and Captain America? As far as the character of Peggy is concerned, she first appeared in the Marvel sphere in March 1966. 

What If…? explores “pivotal moments from the Marvel Cinematic Universe” and, essentially, flips them. It poses questions such as, “What if Peggy became a super soldier?” “What if Spider-Man never became the Spider-Man we know today?” and more. Jeffrey Wright voices The Watcher, an omniscient and omnipresent narrator who will guide us through this topsy-turvy version of the MCU. 

Freya Betts is a 24-year-old illustrator based in Cornwall. She designs artwork and film campaigns for massive studios including, but not limited to, Warner Bros., Disney, Paramount, Universal and Fox. Betts has created illustrations featuring characters from Star TrekStranger Things, Mulan and more. Jelly and The Poster Posse represent her. 

You can check out the gorgeous poster of Captain Carter below. Marvel’s What If…? is poised to shake up the universe when it premieres on Disney Plus starting August 11. 

Peggy Carter as Captain Carter in Marvel's What If...?

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