The genre of tycoons was popular in the 90s. Building your attraction for people, watching its logistics, and managing stuff is an engaging and relaxing experience. With the best mice under 50, you can enjoy this genre on your Pc as well. 

Two Point Hospital is a spiritual successor of one of the tycoon hits “Them Hospital.” The games share a similar idea: you run a clinic and need to provide efficient healthcare for your patients. However, the thing is that all of the diseases are made up and have comical nature. 

You need to cure your patients from being clowns, smooth pixelated people, or cure superstars like numerous Michaels Jackson or Freddies Mercury. The aesthetics and the sound design of the game complement its humorous tone. Two Point Hospital is a light-hearted and easy-to-pick game that will give you a lot of fun moments. Let’s look at the game closer. 


The core gameplay loop revolves around your patients’ proper diagnosis and treatment. To do so, you need to create specialized cabinets, hire doctors and nurses, and optimize the logistics of your hospital. 

However, there’s an even more important element of the game than health care. Your doctors and your patients should not be bored. Decorate your clinic with fancy items, where wall paints and house plants are only the beginning of the list. 

Besides, the game features professional and personal aspects of your personnel. It generates hilarious situations worthy of sitcoms. Unskilled but friendly doctors try to communicate with highly-skilled grumps and treat patients together. 

The game consists of fifteen different hospitals. Each of the hospitals provides a new set of rules for hospital management. In one case, you need to keep the optimal temperature due to the hot climate. The other level offers you to build a hospital with only novice doctors and train them in the process. 

The game constantly tosses a bunch of situations and keeps things fresh. When you finish the main game, the sandbox regime becomes available. In this mode, there are no restrictions. You can build the hospital of your dreams as long as you want to.

However, the basic game is only the tip of the iceberg. The “Jumbo edition” provides a collection of new features and even some new gameplay mechanics to play around with. 

Jumbo Edition 

Jumbo edition is a version of the game with several DLCs included. 

  • Bigfoot 

The DLC revolves around a creature of the same name. You receive an additional hospital high in the mountains. 34 new diseases, nine of them have distinct visuals. Besides, the mountain hospital has a dark secret behind it, and it is up to you to uncover it. 

It is an overall pleasant DLC that expands the game in the right directions and gives more unusual illnesses and more content to play. 

  • Pebberly Island 

In contrast with the Bigfoot cold and snowy environment, the Pebberly Island DLC takes plan in tropical jungles. You need to build your hospitals on the scattered pieces of earth, then move deep into the jungle and finish the DLC on the mountain. 

The DLC adds 34 new diseases, ten of which are visually distinct. Besides, it adds mechanics of natural disasters to the game. They add another layer of complexity to the tycoon.  

  • Retro Items Pack 

The name of the DLC is pretty self-explanatory. It adds to the game a bunch of old-time decorative items to give your hospital a distinct look. Top hats, grandpa clocks, and stuff like that fit just right in a bit of a mad atmosphere of the game.

  • Exhibition items Pack  

Always wished to decorate your hospital with the skeletons of dinosaurs? The Exhibition Items pack makes it possible. This cosmetics DLC adds to the game tons of funny oddities such as skeletons of ancient creatures, sarcophaguses, and much more stuff related to museum exhibitions. 

  • Close Encounters 

This DLC adds aliens to the game. Space invaders disguise themselves as regular patients and spoil your well-oiled mechanism of hospital treatment. Overall, the DLC is contradictory. If you are up to more micromanagement and challenge, then it is for you. 

Besides, the DLC adds 34 new diseases. Eleven of these diseases are visually distinct. There are several new rooms such as Toad Hall, the room of Personification, and Self-Assembly. 

  • Off the Grid 

This DLC provides another tweak to the game mechanics. This time, you need to build an eco-friendly hospital. To do this, you have a bunch of new rooms and specialties for doctors. 

In addition, the DLC adds 34 new illnesses. Eleven of them are visually distinct. There are three new levels and new sub-tasks for your management skills. 

The DLC on its own is not very impressive, but, coupled with the rest of the pack, it contributes to the gameplay’s variety and replayability.

Overall, the Jumbo edition is the most optimal way to get familiar with the game. It has tons of locations, funny diseases, and challenges of different kinds to sort out. If you searched for a perfect opportunity to play a good Tycoon game, the Jumbo edition is your choice. 

Final Words 

Two Point Hospital is a very friendly game. Despite quite a big bunch of game mechanics, it does not hesitate to help you with hints. Sometimes, they may be too irritating, but you will always know what part of your infrastructure does not work. 

The game has appealing, neat visuals. The cartoonish style and goofy animations contribute to the cheerful atmosphere of the game. The music is on an awesome level too. Relaxing beats help you catch the flow and dive deep into the problems of small doctors and their patients. 

The game lacks an online element. But if you do not chase competition and do not try to beat everyone else, you lose nothing. Two Point Hospital is a perfect single-player experience. Jumbo edition makes it variable and greatly replayable. Besides, the game is available on all main gaming platforms, which makes it even more appealing. 

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