That’s the name of the next (and final) Wolverine movie.

Simply … Logan.

How do we know this? Well, as we reported earlier, it’s because Hugh Jackman, who plays Wolverine, a.k.a. Logan, tweeted out a picture of it, so we know it’s so.

If you want to read our reporting on that, you can find that article here.

But, let’s dive in to this title a bit and parse it out.

Logan. Simply Logan. Not Wolverine: Logan. Not Wolverine 3: The Saga of Logan or Old Man Logan. Just Logan.

Here’s how that translates to us.

It’s actually very simple. Calling it Wolverine 3, or any variation of “Wolverine” with a colon puts the focus on the superhero, on the super heroics, the action, the bloody, berserking mutant soldier who is fun to watch kill some dudes, all from a distance.

Wolverine is the gore-covered claws and the healing factor.

But Logan? Logan immediately takes your brain away from that and puts the focus squarely on the character’s humanity. It’s this man’s real name, not his soldier call sign. In some ways, even though he’s a hero, “Wolverine” is dehumanizing. But saying Logan instead of Wolverine is like calling a Superman movie “Clark” or a Batman movie “Bruce.” The focus is shifted. Instead of the claws, Logan directly references the hurting, devastated and very tired man behind the claws. His is a heavy burden, being the man that he is, having the terrible talent that he does and the wherewithal to use it to protect his own.

Wolverine is the mutant that pops his claws to save his own. Logan is the man that wishes he didn’t have to do that.

Not only that, but it’s a bit bold. Wolverine is a franchise name, a hyper-recognizable IP, whereas Logan is not. It’s just a name. So taking the step to simply call it Logan seems so much like a move for the fans, which makes this even more exciting.

But, there’s much more to it. That’s just the title. The actual picture on the poster shows Wolverine’s large adult hands, his Adamantium claws popped, while holding a small child’s hand. There’s been speculation that the mutant clone of Wolverine, X-23, otherwise known as Laura Kinney, would make an appearance in the film and now it’s looking more likely. This is far from confirmation, but naming a film a dramatic and humanizing title like Logan and then showing a little girl’s hand holding Logan’s hands seems to be all about legacy. This seems like a passing of the torch, in other words.

But wait! There’s more!

Director James Mangold released a picture of a script page that seems to be from early on in the script. In it, we see Logan is being knocked around by some “bangers” and that he is not holding up as well as he used to. He’s older now and his healing factor has slowed down, so he’s in pain a lot more these days — hence booze.

We also get a description of how this film will operate in terms of its fight sequences. It’s bloody and deadly. It’s realistic and gritty. And it’s very up close and personal.

So this — all of this, the naming the film Logan, seeing it as a passing of the torch to a bad ass female character and the gritty, more realistic nature of the film — that’s all very promising.

We’re certainly much more excited for the film!


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