In the last decade, streaming services have completely changed the way we access entertainment. Whilst previously TV was the number one source of entertainment for the majority of people, more and more people are now using streaming services to watch their favorite TV shows and films, listen to music, and keep up to date with local and international news. Spotify, Netflix and Hulu have all been industry leaders in streaming, but Disney Plus has made some huge leaps forward in terms of its audience. With such an enormous company as Disney now performing so well in the streaming world, many people are looking at the impact this may have on the industry.

Here we will take a look at what the rise in subscribers for Disney Plus may mean for other streaming services.

1. Potentially Less Subscribers

The most seemingly logical result of Disney Plus gaining many more subscribers is that the other streaming services will lose subscribers to Disney. Netflix has a huge section dedicated to children’s content and so many industry experts are predicting that Disney’s rise in popularity could seriously injure Netflix’s numbers. Whether this ends up being true will depend on Netflix’s ability to adapt and to offer content that Disney doesn’t have and which its younger audience wants to see. With Disney’s ownership of Marvel, however, and the worldwide audience which those movies have, new series based in that universe could raise Disney well above the other services.

2. An Audience Boost

On the other hand, there are many industry experts who feel that Disney Plus’s success is only going to raise the profile of the streaming industry to the benefit of all the services. With Disney being such a huge company, their influence over cultural trends could bring a whole new wave of customers to streaming which will secure the future of the industry for decades to come. Netflix already has some content from Disney’s stable such as the highly popular Mandalorian series so there may be further cooperation and collaboration between streaming services in the future.

3. More Diverse Content

More streaming services naturally mean more content in general and this could be a boost for smaller production companies to get a platform for their shows and movies. If Disney Plus ends up dominating mainstream entertainment, other streaming services may look to move into independent films and programs. For people creating a production company or other entertainment-based ventures, this could mean new doors opening which were previously closed. The diversification of the entertainment industry can only be a good thing, especially for people who are not interested in the homogenous blockbusters which the major studios like Disney are producing.

The world of entertainment looks sure to be dominated by streaming services and Disney’s recent successes are further proof of that. While some people are wary that Disney will end up dominating the streaming industry in the same way it has come to dominate other entertainment channels, others see it as being a good thing for the industry as a whole that Disney is bringing further exposure and new customers. What the future holds for Disney Plus and the streaming industry as a whole remains to be seen, but it looks certain to be a bright one.






















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