The online casino industry has grown at rapid rates over the past decade, creating a much more diverse and personal experience for gamblers globally. Most famous online casinos like LuckyNiki provide entertainment no matter where you are or what kind of games you prefer, and according to Manekinekocasino, there are many bonus offers you shouldn’t miss out on.

And the days of it being presumed to be a male-only hobby are long over. Traditionally, women have been fans of games like bingo, go fish, canasta, and gin rummy, but this has definitely evolved. With studies showing that women make up at least 30 to 40% of online gamblers, the Internet has clearly opened up a world of democracy. Women have taken advantage of this, with their preferences shifting each year, and online casinos doing what they can to cater to the need of this ever-increasing audience. In this article, we take a look at the gambling trends among women in 2021.


It is no secret that women of today love playing slots. Women are, after all, social beings, and the introduction of gamification has catered to this demographic by creating immersive user experiences that are social and way more personable. With the introduction of game dynamics such as community, collaboration, competition, and achievement, women have been drawn into a world that drives engagement and elicits plenty of emotion. E-Slots have evolved to simulate and enhance an experience to create less of a cold, individual feel and focus more on excellent graphics that are captivating and inclusive, and women have shown positive responsiveness to this.

Casino Games

The industry has definitely made every effort to cater to its female audience by creating gender-neutral themes for showcasing female characters to increase its appeal to women. A decade ago, women were more into games like poker and bingo, but the more the iGaming industry transforms, the more the trend sees women diversifying their preferences and moving over to slots. Online gambling has made this move much easier for women not just with appealing visuals, but also with tutorials and a wide variety to choose from. Unlike their male counterparts, women see gambling as a form of relaxation, and now prefer games that require less strategy but offer more fun, making slots extremely popular because they also add the social element.

Sports betting

Swedish women have been game-changers in the gambling world, with more than 50% of the country’s female demographic delving into the gambling industry. Sports betting, although largely dominated by men, has seen a shift with gambling campaigns targeting women, and, as a result, has become hugely popular among women especially in Sweden. Sports betting was always more conducive to the male population and evoke images of rowdy, burly men in a smoke-filled betting house that no woman wanted to be a part of. Online sports betting was legalized in the US in May 2018, and although it is still up to each state to decide the law of the state, this opened up new opportunities to women who have definitely lapped it up. As a result, the industry has skyrocketed, driven mostly by the ease of women being able to enjoy it in the comfort of their homes at any time they wish.

Mobile Gambling

Males undoubtedly have always had a preference for brick and mortar casinos, and as the industry evolved, tended to head in the direction of desktop computer gambling. Women, on the other hand, have migrated towards the more user-friendly versions on mobile devices, largely because of the versatility that this offers in giving them ease of playing on the go or while multitasking. The stats bear testimony to this, with 59% more female than male gamblers preferring to play on mobile devices simply because of the convenience that it offers.

Online casinos have paved the way for women to enjoy personable and rewarding experiences in a world that was largely dominated by men. Continuously improving technology and tools such as gamification have increased the appeal of casino games and e-slots, and offer women the opportunity to escape into an amazing world that’s captivating, enthralling, and inclusive. The reality is that online gambling is vastly different to walking into a casino, but more online casinos are using technology and psychology to close this gap and appeal to the female demographic that was ignored in the past.


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